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Nora Toure with Sculpteo and Women in 3D Printing – Ep 54

Nora Toure – Ep 54 In this episode of the Printing Everyday Podcast we chat with Nora Toure about her work at Sculpteo and her online group and blog that brings together women in the 3D printing industry. Enjoy this episode of the Printing Everyday Podcast. Make sure to check out the video interview here:

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Braydon Moreno CEO of Robo3D – Episode 53

Braydon Moreno – CEO of Robo3D In this episode I chat with Braydon Moreno of Robo3D The behind the scenes article for this episode will be published shortly but in the mean time make sure to check out their website, and below we have a couple videos for you to check out what one father

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3D printer OS

Aaron Roy of 3D Printer OS – Episode 52

Aaron Roy – Episode 52 In this episode we chat with Aaron Roy of 3D Printer OS and you can check them out on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. 3DPrinterOS is the world’s first operating system for 3D Printing. Featuring the first 3D printing App engine, new and experienced users alike can manage, edit, fix, slice,

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Anthony Taylor Owner of Miss J – Ep 50!!

Hello there, You know the drill, check back this afternoon for the behind the scenes of our interview with Anthony Taylor.  

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monkey skull Scott

Ep 48 Scott Camazine Part 2- Shapeways Shop Skulptures

  Click here for the behind the scenes! Thanks for listening today!

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