Lori Senecal helps companies find their motivation to succeed.

The Global CEO of CP+B, is Lori Senecal, http://www.adweek.com/brand-marketing/lori-senecal-takes-global-ceo-role-cpb-163364/. She is the previous Global Exec Chairperson, of KBS. Lori is in charge, of leading the tactical viewpoint to strengthen MDC’s distinctive workflow. She labors diligently with the MDC associate firms as a consultant, with the goal of establishing expansion and teamwork. Lori, is renowned for assisting clients to enhance their workflow using associate competencies. Lori’s ability to make use of a company’s worldwide outlook and ability to expand, was her responsibility while at KBS.

Lori Senecal lead the way, to a new aspiration for business and created a movement to move past making overstatements, such as “innovation” and instead, employs legitimate development. Her methods are famous for establishing KBS, as the brand, that the modern world, desires. Ms. Senecal’s conviction, delivers genuine development, to produce authentic, advantageous competition, for brands. During her employment at KBS, Lori lead the firm by instructing on the use of current technology, how to make use of initial investments and proper management of content formation.

Lori highly motivates workers to create their own career path. She has funded and initiated several projects that were conceived by staff, using contests throughout associated firms, with the goal of inspiring staff and motivating creativity. KBS expanded from a 250 staffed agency, to more than 800 workers globally, due to Lori’s guidance. The firm is now accepted as being one of the foremost companies to be employed at, in NYC. The agency made it to the Ad Age’s register of Standout Firms, for three years, in a row. KBS has an extensive line of clientele, ranging from Harman, Vanguard, Victoria’s Secret and American Express, to name only a few, of the highly respected, blue-chip companies.

Before Lori Seneca labored at KBS, she was McCann Erickson’s company President, at their New York office and before this, Lori was McCann Worldgroup’s highly respected Global Chief Innovation Officer.

Lori grew up with 3 older siblings and attributes much of her success, as a leader, to her birth order.  Lori believes that culture has an influence on creating positive shifts in business. She enjoys striving to help create a culture that motivates citizens to desire being involved with collaborating together. For more info, check out Lori’s Forbes profile.