The Success of Daniel Taub as Israel’s ambassador to Britain

Being an ambassador is not an easy task, you need to make sacrifices. This includes leaving as an immigrant. It, therefore, needs an intellect. As an ambassador, you need to understand the culture of your people. This is because you are a representation of every member of your country, in the foreign land. You represent the interest of all of them. You also need to understand the policies of the foreign country.

Daniel Taub is among the ambassadors that have had a successful reign. His economic sector has been marked by success. This has been named the golden era. The total annual bilateral trade between the two countries is $7.7 million. This is as a result of the tremendous diplomatic relations that the two countries have established.

Israeli investors have set up more than 300 businesses in Britain. This has increased the job opportunities in the state. This is a big boost because very many people suffer the issue of unemployment. The businesses have also forced the manufactures to be innovative and create quality products. They also have to offer great prices to ensure that their products are not substituted. A variety to choose from during shopping is also an advantage the people are enjoying.

Israeli investors are also glad to have a chance to outsource their products. This can only be possible with peace. Otherwise, they would fear for their investment to go to drain.

There is also culture and lifestyle exchange between the two countries. Daniel Taub is happy to have accomplished the primary goal of his mission.

Daniel Taub recalls what transpired when he went to present his credentials officially as the ambassador of Israeli to Britain. The Queen asked her whether he was comfortable. This is because Britain is his country of birth. Daniel Taub had only moved to Israel less than 30 years ago. Although he had represented Israel in many foreign legal settings, undertaking this particular project means that he would have to lose his Britain citizenship.

However, Daniel Taub approached this from a different angle. He sees it as an opportunity to bring up his children in their historic world. Most importantly, Daniel Taub saw this as an opportunity to give back to the society. This was by bringing the two countries closer together.

Daniel Taub resigns a happy man. He has achieved his goal and that what matters. Everyone in the department hopes that the next ambassador will be determined and committed like Daniel Taub.


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