Paul Mampilly Recommends Alternative to Marijuana Stocks

Should you invest in marijuana stocks? Or is it something that is not worth doing? Paul Mampilly finally answers the question, for once and for all.

You see, many people have been wondering whether it is a good idea to invest in marijuana stocks. Recently, a lot more people have been investing in them. Marijuana is becoming legal in more and more states, and the industry is definitely picking up. Paul Mampilly certainly has the credentials to have a say in the matter. After all, he retired in his forties with enough wealth from his investments in stocks. He also won the Templeton Foundation award for the best investment strategy. Although the rise of marijuana may seem promising right now, Paul Mampilly believes that it would not be a good idea to invest in those stocks. Visit Paul on facebook.

Why is that? Well, first of all, although marijuana stocks have seen a great increase in prices, there has also been a decline later on. In other words, marijuana stocks are riskier than you may think. The industry is still pretty new, and it is not yet fully accepted. In most states, marijuana is not yet legal. There are many people who do not think it should be legal. There is no way to tell how things will turn out in the future for the marijuana industry.

In addition, Paul knows about another stock that would make a better investment choice. This stock is set to grow to four trillion dollars. It is set to grow at a rate of eight thousand percent. You can not beat that rate. He shares this stock with his subscribers in his newsletter Profits Unlimited. This newsletter goes out to his over one hundred subscribers every week.

Why do Mr. Mampilly’s subscribers listen to him? The answer is that he has helped his readers make up to six thousand percent in gains. He always does thorough research before he will recommend any stock. His readers trust his experience in making stock investment decisions for them.

Paul Mampilly’s whole mission is to help out the average American investor. Unlike Wall Street investors, Main Street investors do not have access to all the resources that the Wall Street investors have. Paul Mampilly’s goal is to change that by giving regular Americans access to the latest tips and advice about investing. Visit:


Looking at Flavio Maluf’s Latest Business Deals

We all have to pay taxes. Not only is it a requirement in practically all areas where governments reside, but taxes allow localities to grow and maintain their infrastructure. Due to the complications and how expensive taxes are in Brazil, this makes it difficult for your average company. The larger the company, the more tax benefits it in turn has, while the smaller companies are thrust into a differentiated tax regime. According to entreprener Flavio Maluf, the average number of days to open a company in Brazil is extremely high in comparison to the United States. For instance, in Brazil it takes on average, around 107 days to open a business. The United States enjoys a five day wait time in most conditions. Learn more about Flavio Maluf at InfoMoney.

The tough part is when regulations and specific certificates are thrown into the mix. When one takes these additions into account, you can be sure to expect delays to be greater when trying to accomplish said goals. Flavio goes into money matters, and reminds business owners and entrepreneurs alike that no one can open a stable, profitable business without some financial planning. With that being said, the myth is still floating around out there that a potential investor, or entrepreneur needs to have a lot of money to start a business. There are many business models of the type where a great deal of capital isn’t needed to start up and be successful.

Opening a company in Brazil is not the easiest according to World Bank reports, and even common knowledge. Flavio Maluf has reason to celebrate, due to the fact his company Eucatex and Duratex have confirmation that they will do business with each other in the near future. While Eucatex will give a farm in Capao Bonito, they will in turn receive a production line for thin sheets of wood in Botucatu. All of this change means a lot for Maluf, and of course Eucatex as a whole. While the plant has 280 employees, Duratex will be resuming production at its factory in Itapetinga. It has been stated that the re-inaugartion will take place in April of 2018.



Felipe Montoro Jens And His Responsibility In The PPP Projects

Felipe Montoro Jens serves as the Chief Executive Officer of EnergiparCaptação S.A. His experience in the financial sector has seen him work in several big companies and some of them include Pricewaterhouse Coppers, Enel, and Enron among others. He acquired his academic formation at the American Graduate School of International Management School, which served as the foundation for his successful career. The 25 years’ experience that Felipe Montoro Jens has in the financial and business sectors helped to prepare him for his current responsibilities as the Chief Executive officer of the Odebrecht Properties.

Odebrecht Properties is responsible for private and public partnership for social infrastructure and public concessions. The property they are responsible for the building include schools, hospitals, sports arenas, administrative centers, and reconstructing downtown areas. Felipe Montoro Jens is also responsible for the Company’s assets that are in line with financial restructuring. According to Felipe Montoro Jens the company’s assets, also known as the PPPS and Concessions in Rio de Janerio are mainly for the purpose of pre-school construction. The number of pre-schools the PPP or the public-private partnership plan to build is forty thousand. The construction of the pre-schools is to take place before 2020 ends. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at

According to Felipe Montoro Jens, the largest private sector to oversee the development that is the International Financial Corporation of the World Bank provides consultation services to the Odebrecht Properties. The IFC also ensures that they help the company determine the various aspects of the project. The Rio de Janerio private and a public partnership were inaugurated in 2012, July. The partnership holds the private partner responsible for the maintenance and construction of the infant educational centers. While the public sector is responsible for the management of the learning or educational center.

The Public and Private partnerships are contracts that the public offices, for instance, states, unions, or other public entities enter with private sectors. In the agreement, the private sector partners are given concessional services before the public works even commence. Such agreements ensure that the community develops in terms of infrastructure and the government can also maintain the developments that arise from such partnerships.



Scott Rocklage Supporting Research for a Cause to a Cure

Scott Rocklage is the Managing Partner of 5AM Ventures since 2004. Scott Rockledge is actually known as Dr. Rocklage with more than 30 years of Healthcare Management experience. Scott Rocklage is a very prestigious businessman who held various leadership positions in the pharmaceutical industry such as Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and President throughout his career with some well-known companies such as Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Nycomed Salutar and Catalytica.


Scott Rocklage Education


University of California, Berkeley

Degree: Bachelor of Science

Studies: Chemistry


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Degree: PhD

Studies: Chemistry


Scott Rocklage while attending Massachusetts Institute of Technology had the honor of conducting research with 2005 Chemistry Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Richard Schrock.



Scott Rocklage Impressive FDA Accomplishments


Scott Rocklage made an impressive accomplishment when he successfully managed to receive approval from the FDA which is a time consuming process for 3 medications listed below.


1.Cubicin – Antibiotic that’s used to treat infections.

2.Teslascan – Diagnostic MRI detection for lesions of the liver.

3.Omni Scan – MRI contrast agent used in imaging procedures to help

see one’s blood vessels.



5AM Ventures


5AM Ventures is a venture capital firm with two locations based in San Francisco California and Boston Massachusetts. 5AM Ventures was founded in 2002 and the business model is based on early investments to their clients towards next-generation life science for healthcare discoveries in medicine and science.


Scott Rocklage Clearing the Path to a Cure


Scott Rocklage as the managing partner of 5AM Ventures worked consistently with Dr. Matthew Disney of Expansion Therapeutics in reference to researching a cure for a genetic disorder called Myotonic Dystrophy which is the leading cause of Muscular Dystrophy in adults. 5AM Ventures was a financial contributor to the cause and Scott Rocklage was personally supportive of working closely with Dr. Disney on the needs in reference to researching for a cure. Research for this disorder must be consistent to find a cure that would be effective permanently. Scott Rockledge in assistance to forming the research team and financial investors are dedicated to his responsibilities at 5AM Ventures and is looking forward to working closely with Expansion Therapeutics to meet their goals for the cure for Myotonic Dystrophy.


Scott Rocklage at the end of the Day


Scott Rocklage is a loving Husband to his wife Patty Rocklage, Residing in the state of Massachusetts. Learn more:


Paul Mampilly- Investing In Style

Paul Mampilly of Banyan Hill is out again with a stunning piece of teaser pitch that features on his newsletters profits unlimited. The teaser pitch is super low with an entry level of 97dollars per year for stock picking letters. According to Paul Mampilly, he has identified one of the leading companies globally offering Precision Medicine Revolution bringing a huge win to investors since it captures on health care market. Paul approaches the theme attention branding it the most significant medical breakthrough ever seen in history more than the combination of drugs, medical devices, and vaccinations. Read this article at Daily Forex Report.

According to medical experts, it’s the revolutionary approach needed to tackling of different diseases, and it will ignite and change the health revolution. Paul Mampilly says that the mid-western company has precipice breakthrough of the greatest medical globally that will help to treat the untreatable humanity diseases. The company has an investment portfolio of 1.5 billion dollars, and its central core is precision medicine by looking at an individual DNA and creating personalized medicine fitting the personal genetic makeup hence preventing diseases. The precision medicines doctors identify the best treatment and drugs that work best in preventing individualized patients from ever getting certain types of medicine and the best therapy for overcoming any existing diseases based on individual genes.

Paul Mampilly says the company dealing with precision medicine started in the 1990s with its Chief Executive Officer being a biotech pioneer aged 25 years old. The biotech pioneer is using his vast industry contacts to bring in the board the top scientific minds globally to work on the best hilltop facilities confirming the best of Thinkolators work. The company is boasts of leading in the medical care industry of molecular diagnostic using the DNA sequencing accessing the possibility of a person developing certain diseases and determining the drug therapy ideal for curing the illness. Learn more about Paul on

The Myriad Genetics central headquarters are in Utah, and its primary target is different types of cancers ranging from breast to ovarian to prostate to uterine and rheumatoid arthritis. Myriad Genetics company stock performed quite well since the original Paul Mampilly teaser when the price ranged from $24 to 25. The Mampilly report boasted the pricing, making it increase from 1.5 billion dollars stock to 2.2 billion dollars stocks. The company has become the global leading in breast cancer business launching the riskScore algorithm that helps to improve the assessments of family cancer risks based on combining of the family history data with the Myriads Genetic test of my Risk hereditary cancer. Visit:

Rocketship Education Focuses on Needy Students

Rocketship Education advocates say it is important for parents to understand growth scores for them to make sense of their children’s progress. Rocketship Education is a program that has been incorporated in the mainstream education in Tennessee. According to the program advocates, growth scores are even more important because they alert the teachers and parents of where a learner is in the given grade. While proficiency tests serve their purpose of showing whether a student has the skills required for a given grade, growth scores indicate how much learning has taken place. Growth scores are even more important for children from economically disadvantaged homes. According to James Robinson, the Principal of Rocketship United Academy, growth scores will help the systems to invent new ways of ensuring that all students are at par.

The Impact of Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education in Tenessee has picked up significantly. In a recent workshop, the crusaders of growth scores facilitated under Rocketship Education organized a workshop in Tenessee to establish the academic progress that the learners in the region have made. Elementary school-going children in Davidson County will have to wait a little longer, though, before they are informed of the same. Nashville schools are also using ANMWEA measures to track the progress that their learners have made in a school year. MAP assessments have been developed by Rocketship Education proponents and are used by over 7,400 schools across the globe. Rocketship Public Schools have been using MAP assessment since they started. Rocketship Educationists applaud the heads of education in Nashville for implementing the MAP program across public schools in the area.

The Statistical Data

Available data from the grassroots indicates that most children from impoverished backgrounds begin schooling behind schedule. Figures show that they somehow never catch up with their counterparts. The Rocketship Education experts note that in places such as Nashville where there are many learners from poor backgrounds, there is a gap in every subject tested between them and the rest of the learners. Growth scores will help public schools to close the gap because they will learn of these gaps early enough. It is imperative to pay attention to the students that perform significantly below average.

Ted Bauman: Giving Back

The end of the day it is about all of us making it together as the human race. Giving back and contributing to the success of someone else shows that a person is grateful for what they have and don’t take it for granted. There are many ways for people to give back to their fellow man. Giving them the knowledge to take care of themselves is pretty high on that list. That is exactly what Ted Bauman does. Learn more at crunchbase about Ted Bauman.

Ted Bauman is a man that is highly educated and knowledgeable on the economy and its trends. He has dedicated his life to helping people to get financial sovereignty. Ted Bauman went to the university of Cape Town in Africa where he got degrees in economics and history. Over the years he worked at many jobs that involves serving the community including some in the nonprofit area. He was actually one of the founders of Slum Dwellers International. Ted Bauman’s philanthropic work didn’t end there as he is now the Editor of the Bauman letter at Banyan Hill Publishing. This company is giving back to people in a very different way.

Banyan Hill Publishing like Ted Bauman has a very strong dedication to the people. It is a publisher of independent investment advice. This advice is what Banyan Hills wants its readers to take advantage of I order to get financial strength and eventually liberty. They don’t want people worried about money or investors worrying about what happens at the next stock market crash. They advise them and give them information on opportunities that the mainstream market is not aware of. They do this though their publications and though experts like Ted Bauman. They have ben doing this for going on 20 years now and they don’t plan to stop any soon. The experts at6 Banyan Hill offer advice on every facet of the market and have information that is global in scope.

Ted Bauman has found a company that thinks like him. He understands that helping people is the right thing to do. Its great to see that people are still caring of others.