Betsy DeVos: A Politician of Unmatched Dedication to Education

The push for school choice has never been about further disadvantaging the American youths that reside at lower tiers of the socio-economic ladder. Unfortunately, many of the people that speak out against school choice programs use this as the catalyst for their outrage. They simply do not understand that such programs would help reduce the occurrence of children suffering from such an educational gap. Instead of denying them opportunities, these programs would allow them to have more than they ever did before. Politicians like Betsy DeVos are specifically trying to help these disadvantaged children and assist with their continued success. Individuals that are upset about the presence of school choice programs, simply do not understand the advantages of moving towards an updated model of education. Instead, clinging to the ghosts of educational past will cause more damage, and in many cases the very same damage that they claim such changes will incite.


Betsy DeVos has spent much of her time in office fielding the concerns of many parents who want their children to receive the best education that they possibly can. People need to understand, she explains in a recent interview to Philosophy Roundtable, that this is a goal she shares with them. She wants to see the lasting success of the education system, she simply believes that the future of the system resides in the private sector. The growing interest in private education should speak to the increased effort being made by professionals in that situation. Individuals are put into a position where they must assess the current functionality of their public-school systems because of the success experienced by these alternative institutions.


Already, there are 50,000 students newly enrolled in Floridian schools that exercise under the banner of school choice. Betsy DeVos tells the interviewers of Philanthropy Roundtable that this pales in comparison to the new 250,000 students that are enrolled on a national basis. She expects this number to continue to rise as parents become more invested in these alternative options. Once they have seen their students performing at better rates, word will spread amongst parents and there will be an even greater interest in such programs. Her goal is not to destroy the public-school system, rather she wants to incite an atmosphere of change that even such systems could become a part of. The future looks bright for the American education system, which is encouraging considering it has been in somewhat of a decline in recent years. With someone of Betsy DeVos’s ambition, there is no doubt it will continue to grow under her tutelage.


Betsy DeVos has extensive knowledge in the field of education and she has made a name for herself throughout her work in various organizations that advocate the presence of school choice. She will continue to work to overhaul all types of school organizations, as she takes her role as Secretary of Education very seriously. She knows that in order to ensure success, these organizations will require a firm hand and a dedicated mind.


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