Madison Street Capital Help Napoleon Machine Secure Funding

Madison Street Capital is an investment firm that is based in Texas and provides financial services across the globe. Madison Street Capital was founded in 2005 with the goal of providing middle market investment services and funding.


Madison Street Capital prides itself on being able to evaluate the true value of a company. They do this by performing through audits of all companies they invest in. Madison Street Capital follows the market closely so they can determine the true value of a company based upon current market trends with an eye towards what the business will be valued at in the future.


Madison Street Capital distinguishes itself by being able to conduct business with overseas companies, multiple corporations on different continents, and international businesses. The company has offices in Asia, Africa, and North America. Their staff is used to traveling to remote locations, and they know how to broker deals between multiple parties.


Madison Street Capital recently worked as the financial advisor for Napoleon Machine. Napoleon Machine is a manufacture that specializes in custom metal designs with a focus on precision production. The deal allowed Napoleon Machine to secure capital from Sterling Commercial Credit.


Madison Street Capital provided expert financial advice for this deal. They were able to provide a professional audit to enable Napoleon Machine to secure an excellent line of credit. They then reviewed Sterling Commercial Credit to make sure they were the right organization to fun Napoleon Machine. This arrangement will allow Napoleon Machine to receive a large source of secure and low interest credit to allow them to rapidly expand their business. The deal allows Napoleon Machine to access tranche credit that they could not have access to without the help of Madison Street Capital.


The head of Napoleon Machine reports that Madison Street Capital was vital to closing this deal. The President of Napoleon Machine Kevin Febrey remarked that Madison Street Capital listened to their problems and concerns in a manner that other financial firms did not with them going out of their way to maintain and clear and open line of communication during this complicated deal.


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