InnovaCare Health: Changes in the Organizational Structure

The citizens of Puerto Rico rely on several health insurance providers to cover the cost of their medical needs. One of the leading health insurance providers in the island is InnovaCare, Inc., and they are providing coverages for Medicaid and Medicare for everyone living in Puerto Rico. InnovaCare Inc. is considered by many as a competitive company when it comes to the provision of medical and healthcare services for the people. Other providers in the island are not as competitive as InnovaCare Inc., and as a result, many Puerto Ricans chose to have their health insurance provider to be taken care of by InnovaCare Inc.


The head of the health insurance provider is Richard Shinto, and he recently announced that several changes regarding the firm’s organizational structure would take place. Richard Shinto is a lone man who works hard to operate his firm, and he thought that it would be a great idea if he will hire more people who would do administrative jobs like the one he is currently doing. He hired three executives who would work with him and hopes that they will be exerting the same effort to take the company to a higher level. The new executives that he hired have an excellent background, and they have an extensive experience working for the health and insurance sector. The newly appointed executives will operate under the leadership team of InnovaCare Health Inc., and they will be reporting directly to Richard Shinto.


InnovaCare Inc. experienced problems back in July 2016, prompting them to think about solutions that would address their issues. Richard Shinto, who is serving as the firm’s president and chief executive officer, thought about solutions that would help the company survive the problems that it has faced. He met with his colleagues to gather suggestion about the things that he should do to keep the company afloat, and one of the proposals which struck him was the addition of executives who would also manage the company. He finalized the draft that would allow him to hire new executives, and when it was announced, many hopefuls submitted their resumes to apply for the position. Reviewing all of the applications, Richard Shinto decided to hire three individuals who have the potential to make the company succeed. He revealed the announcement back in July 2016, at a time when InnovaCare Inc. is facing its most challenging years, trying to solve issues that they are facing left and right.



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