Victoria Doramus On Self Love And Bouncing Back

Victoria Doramus is known among the digital and print media world as being a professional with creativity that brings innovation to her field. She combines her diverse background that includes media, branding, communication, and advertising to discover new ways to approach subjects. At one point, Victoria Doramus even served as Peter Berg’s personal assistant for TV and film.

Helping others is something that Victoria Doramus feels compelled to do and is passionate about. After overcoming her own hardships, organizations like the Amy Winehouse Foundation mean a great deal to Victoria Doramus and she is happy to be able to help them fulfill their cause. She is also passionate about helping animals through the Best Friends Animal Society. Knowing that animals are not able to speak for themselves, Victoria Doramus enjoys advocating for their well being and also helping them find homes and the care that they need.

Dedicated to her health, Victoria Doramus is excited about the ability to collect data from her own lifestyle through the use of apps. She feels as if she is better able to take control of her health which helps to keep her on track with her goals. Even her dog has its own GPS tracker attached to his collar! With all of this information at hand, including vitals and diet, Victoria Doramus feels like she is better able to make food decisions for her health on a daily basis.

Over the years, Victoria Doramus has found that is important for her overall well-being to take time and enjoy life. Loving yourself is something that is important for everyone to lead a good life and she wishes she had discovered how important it is earlier in her career and life. Far too often, she has realized that people don’t ever take the time to enjoy their life by trying to find the beauty in it.

Becoming successful isn’t something happens quickly, and Victoria Doramus knows just how hard it can be coming back from failures. After struggling in her personal life, she knows changing failure takes hard truths and hard work. In the end, accepting responsibility helped her move on.

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