Brilliant Papa Johns’ Policies by Steve Ritchie

For the past two decades, Steve Ritchie has been a loyal employee of Papa Johns. In these 22 years, he has not only worked but also accumulated enough experience. Like other industries, restaurant franchise companies require the employee to have the full knowledge of the company’s philosophy and the target market.

Steve Ritchie is one of the people that have the best understanding of this franchise company. The decision to make him the CEO is one of the best and futuristic decisions Papa Johns has made in the recent past. With Ritchie as the CEO, the future of the company and the comprehensive agenda can only be bright.

As the CEO, Steve Ritchie Papa Johns has initiated some crucial changes regarding the future of the company and the smooth operation of the company in the next couple of years. First, he has redefined the Papa Johns’ agenda in the competitive restaurant franchise business. Some of the areas he is passionate about include the customer-centered policies and company’s efficiency.

The pizza delivery restaurant relies more on good relations with the customers. If the customer relationship is not at par with the global standards, they can lose sales traffic. Steve Ritchie is aware of this fact. To make the Papa Johns the future of the pizza delivery great, he has restructured the customer service to be in line with the global standards.

In line with the structuring of the marketing and customer service, Steve Ritchie has brought two most experienced professionals in the team Mike Nettles and Brandon Rhoten. Mike Nettles, for example, is exceptionally high with the digital integration of business. He is the new phase of Papa Johns are the company tries to diversify their online market.

On the other hand, Rhoten is the new market director, and he is incredibly creative in practical marketing strategy. With this remarkable team under Steve Ritchie leadership, the future of pizza delivery restaurant is bright.

Louisville based company is also one of the best companies in giving every employee a chance not only to fulfill the company’s dream but also their aspiration as far as their careers are concerned. Steve Ritchie is the perfect example of this reality.

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