Rick Cofer Calls City Of Austin To Action – Go Green! Recycle!

Rick Cofer is cleaning up the beautiful city of Austin, TX. He sits on the Parks and Recreation Task Force carrying out the Zero Waste Plan. The plan involves reducing landfill waste to 90% by the year 2040. The Task Force is concentrating on recycling within the city parks. Two different budget plans are on the table. Plan A is a one year plan with a 31cent clean community fee. Plan A is more expensive with $1.3 million coming out of the city budget. Plan B is a two-year plan with a clean community increase fee of 16cents and a total of $802,500 out of the budget.


Some parks already have recycling in place, but the majority of them don’t. Rick Cofer is calling the people of Austin to action. Recycling happens when we all do our part to help keep the environment of our city clean. The Task Force is leaning towards Plan B but needs to see a plan of action in more detail in place. Monies from either plan will buy 800 receptacles and 900 new signs at all Parks and Recreation places plus a parks ground specialist, temporary employees, public education, a recycling program coordinator, and permanent hauling and collection services.


Rick Cofer graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and from the University of Texas School of Law. He spent his early years working for Travis County as a defense attorney, Assistant County Attorney, and Travis County Assistant District Attorney. He has been a criminal defense attorney since 2008. He has won many cases including DWI, drug charges, assault, domestic, violence and juvenile charges. He has a special client manner and works thoughtfully and carefully on every case. Rick Cofer knows the best defense approach is the least expected one. This unique way of looking at cases is how he gets the best results in any case. He creates a personalized defense for every client situation.


Living and practicing law for the last ten years in Austin, TX, Rick Cofer has also been giving back to the community. He is on several Leadership Boards including Austin Parks and Recreation, the Pease Park Conservancy, the Kind Clinic, and the Ending Community Homelessness Coalition, among others. He also has over ten years of service within the Democratic Party on state, local, and national levels. During free time Rick Cofer likes to walk and play with his two puppy dogs, Lady Bird and Truman.






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