David McDonald and the OSI Group Go Above And Beyond

David McDonald, a graduate from Iowa State University with a degree in animal science, is the current president and chief operating officer (COO) at The OSI group, LLC. He holds a position as a member of the OSI group’s board of directors, previously served as project manager for OSI Industries, is the director for OSI International Foods Australian operations, and has been an independent director at Marfrig Global Foods S.A. since the year 2008 when they acquired The OSI groups Brazilian and European operations.

David McDonald OSI Group, although not present at the start of the company, has witnessed an ambitious vision for growth throughout the company since joining The OSI group 30 years ago. Along with goals of being valued by both their partners and customers, which are the reason for the company’s growth, The OSI group groups original Vision Still Remains. The company aims to meet the needs of leading companies worldwide to become the premier global food provider.

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It is David McDonald’s belief that the OSI group encourages and expects entrepreneurial passion, a can do attitude, and curiosity in the workplace from all of its team members. Using Creative Solutions The OSI group goes above and beyond to ensure mutual benefit between themselves, their partners, and their customers. Overall it takes time to develop the patience, flexibility, and trust that will leave a long-term impact that ensures growth.

With facilities and employees all throughout the world the OSI group has set and encouraged standards for the company culture through oversight, corporate approval, and insight from their more experienced partners. A collaboration between their partners and the OSI group’s management teams is what helps to make the decisions necessary to meet the customers needs in a cost-effective way.

David McDonald and the OSI group’s team members nurture independent thought and innovation through creating cost effective creative solutions using the resources the company has in the food production industry. Aspects of the OSI group’s team are regularly encouraged to take risk, try new things, and innovate on what they already have because the OSI group believes failure is part of the process that leads to opportunities and rewards far more valuable than the consequences may be damaging.

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