Todd Levine and His Law Firm

Todd Levine is a lawyer who was born in North Miami in 1966 who attended the University of Florida Levin College of Law in 1991, and the University of Florida B.S.B.A. in 1988. He is a very successful lawyer who has many years of experience and mentors who guided him when times were tough.


Sometimes professionals have talents that come from outside the work area that can assist them in their profession. This is no different for Todd Levine. He’s a musician who started at 10 years old playing the guitar. Todd Levine also plays the bass guitar and a little keyboard. He also has a knack for math and science. With all of these things combined, it helps him to think “outside the box” quickly. One example is when Todd Levine found a piece of evidence that was overlooked inside one of the opposing attorney’s evidence that no one else saw during one of his cases. This got him immediate recognition and was a turning point for his case.


Todd Levine is a partner and founding member at Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine, which is home-based in Miami, Florida. The firm started with only seventeen attorneys and now has over thirty lawyers. Its cases have also grown with high-profile clients. Professional baseball player, Alex Rodriguez, was represented by the firm during his divorce. Todd Levine was not the representative during this time but he represented him on many occasions. There are many other high-profile clients that were represented such as Edie Laquer of Corporate Realty Group Inc. that was awarded 3.4 million dollars. As part of a team, Todd Levine also represented the Sweetwater Mayor, Orlando Lopez.


Levine is very grateful to his partners and he continues to use his passions and hobbies in the courtroom today.

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