Dr. Clay Siegall, Human Antibodies & The Fight Against Cancer

In the quest to eradicate cancer, there has been some really good medications that have come to the forefront. Seattle Genetics, a biotech-oncology company, has been studying and manipulating human antibodies for a long time. These antibodies are very advanced in nature because they have the intelligence to connect to a specific kind of host. Once the human antibody is attached, it will unload plenty of cell-killing properties into cancerous cells. The company that owns the patent of this medication is known as Seattle Genetics. This company is actually a cluster of beige colored buildings, but all of the magic is done on the interior with some of the most technologically advanced components in society today.

Seattle Genetics has been around for two decades, and it was founded by a scientist named Clay Siegall. On the other hand, Siegall is a well-educated doctor that possesses a strong passion for his craft. Dr. Siegall is the leader of Seattle Genetics. The plan is to turn this research organization into a company that handles all of the complexities of the business. In other words, Seattle Genetics is looking to control its own destiny by controlling its international marketing rights and patents. By opening an office in Switzerland, Seattle Genetics will be in full-control of its internal marketing. “We have a great legal team,” said Siegall. By going in this particular direction, Seattle Genetics won’t have to share a majority of its earned income.

Dr. Siegall has generated over $1 billion in capital via private fundraising. He is certainly dedicated for the cause thanks to his perseverance. As of now, Seattle Genetics has a market value of nearly $10 billion, and its very own stock has tripled in the past few years. Between 2014 – 2016, the company’s sales has increased by 46 percent. As of 2016, Seattle Genetics has generated sales upward of $418 million.