Robert Ivy – An American Architectural Guru

It is often said that along with the knowledge and the skills one must also have the kind heart and nature to climb up the ladder of success and Robert Ivy was one of them. He was soft spoken, wise and warm.
1965-1969-Completed his BA from The University of the South.
1973-1976-Completed his M.Arch, Architecture from Tulane University
He believed that any target can be achieved if we start to work as a team and cross Pollinate the Ideas with each other. According to him Architecture can provide the helpful hand in numerous fields like from disaster management to the public health. Robert played an important role in the public’s health by improving the drainage system in the united states to providing the Olmsted design of the central park in the New York.

Throughout his life his only focus was to improve the Living of mankind through architecture. According to him Architecture is directly related to the fluctuation in rate of the Noncommunicable disease such as heart disease and diabetes as buildings should be made which can promote the exercise and instead of escalators, stairs must be constructed where ever possible.

He is thinking to take his knowledge to the next level by collaborating with the software engineers, designers and architects to come up with the new measurable idea with low cost for the benefits of the society as thinks that nothing can happen in the isolation.
Work Experience:
He worked as Editor in chief in Architectural Record from October 1996- February 2011. He became Vice president and the Editorial Director from October 1996- February 2011. From February 2011 unto present, he is the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer at American Institute of Architects.

Awards and Achievement’s:
In 2009 Robert Ivy received the Crain Award which is American Business Media’s highest recognition for an individual. In 1998 Ivy also received The McGraw-Hill Award for Management Excellence. Robert was also named as the Master Architect in 2010 because of his effectiveness in communicating the design’s value. He is also among the seven members to share his designation with the iconic architect who was the first graduate of American school of Architect. For his effectiveness in communicating the value of the design he was also honored by the national architecture fraternity Alpha Rho Chi.
From the initiative taken by him at regular intervals proves that, Robert Ivy is the only person who was suitable to become the CEO of the American Institute of Architects and he deserves to be there.

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