Businessman and Career Adviser Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a renowned businessman from Curitiba, Brazil. He was born on October 4th, 1947. He joined the Federal University of Parana in 1965 to study engineering. Two years into engineering degree he changed his minds and decided to pursue economics in the same school.

He graduated in 1970 and began his career as an investment banker. He relied on his ability in mathematics to work out the problems since there were no computers. He excelled in this field and earned a position in Rio as an investment banker. Due to his expertise, he emerged to be the best among his peers and was promoted and became a board member at Multibanco in 1974.

His star shined in 1976 when he was appointed the CEO of Multibanco.In 1978, the company was bought by Bank of America. After the acquisition, he left the company and joined Unibanco investment firm in Brazil. In 1985 he left for a London Merchant Bank, Libra Bank PLC.

His life took a turn at this point and he started thinking about investment. Together with his friends, they joined Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. He was appointed a board member representing Brazil a position he held for 7 years. He later left to start his investment firm in 1995. He now operates his firm as an investment manager a job he enjoys doing.

Business idea

Mr. Igor Cornelsen decided to start an investment firm out of the experience and exposure in the stock market. From 1971 he was managing stock markets and decided to ship out and concentrate on his firm. He concentrates his energy daily in monitoring markets and following up economic news.

In order to gain from the stock market, he studies political climate in different countries. After the study he sells stocks in states he believes their economies will slow down. He relies on direct information from Thompson Reuters news to make investment decisions.

He advises young managers and entrepreneurs to view the world as one block and read a lot to make proper investment decisions. He also believes that his success in business is because he sees the depreciation of assets before other people do. Igor says that there is need to be an independent thinker and follow credible news source when investing.