Whitney Wolfe Creates A Path to Growth For Bumble

Whitney Wolfe has become a very visible force in the technology world. She has gained a great sense of what she wants to do, and there is a level of clarity that she has about the growth of her business that many other people may not even be aware of right now. She has proven herself to be a leader that has redefined the way that her business is going to be able to thrive in upcoming years. A large part of what people are buzzing with Whitney Wolfe has nothing to do with dating. That is the thing that is surprising so many people as they become familiar with Whitney Wolfe and her app. Read more about Whitney Wolfe at The New York Times.

It is true that dating is still a very big part of this application, but people must wonder if there is any stopping Whitney Wolfe when it comes to other areas where this empire that she is building can thrive. It appears that she wants to get into other aspects of business where she is actually going to sell products. Now that she has gained the trust of women in spots around the world it is clear that she has the ability to market and distribute products for cosmetics and facial care as well. This is what Bumble maybe known for in the upcoming years.

All of these are possibilities for Whitney Wolfe because she has never been afraid to engage in other things while people were exploring the dating app. She is someone that has taken feedback and listen to what her user base has spoken about. She is also paid attention to the news and made adjustments to her Bumble app as things were being discussed in the media.

Everyone did not quite agree with her when she decided to do a gun ban on the pictures that were in the Bumble profiles, but there were still tons of people that praised her for being able to recognize this is something that needed to be done. She has been able to captivate spectators by being fearless about her beliefs when it comes to her leadership.

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