Rocketship Education Focuses on Needy Students

Rocketship Education advocates say it is important for parents to understand growth scores for them to make sense of their children’s progress. Rocketship Education is a program that has been incorporated in the mainstream education in Tennessee. According to the program advocates, growth scores are even more important because they alert the teachers and parents of where a learner is in the given grade. While proficiency tests serve their purpose of showing whether a student has the skills required for a given grade, growth scores indicate how much learning has taken place. Growth scores are even more important for children from economically disadvantaged homes. According to James Robinson, the Principal of Rocketship United Academy, growth scores will help the systems to invent new ways of ensuring that all students are at par.

The Impact of Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education in Tenessee has picked up significantly. In a recent workshop, the crusaders of growth scores facilitated under Rocketship Education organized a workshop in Tenessee to establish the academic progress that the learners in the region have made. Elementary school-going children in Davidson County will have to wait a little longer, though, before they are informed of the same. Nashville schools are also using ANMWEA measures to track the progress that their learners have made in a school year. MAP assessments have been developed by Rocketship Education proponents and are used by over 7,400 schools across the globe. Rocketship Public Schools have been using MAP assessment since they started. Rocketship Educationists applaud the heads of education in Nashville for implementing the MAP program across public schools in the area.

The Statistical Data

Available data from the grassroots indicates that most children from impoverished backgrounds begin schooling behind schedule. Figures show that they somehow never catch up with their counterparts. The Rocketship Education experts note that in places such as Nashville where there are many learners from poor backgrounds, there is a gap in every subject tested between them and the rest of the learners. Growth scores will help public schools to close the gap because they will learn of these gaps early enough. It is imperative to pay attention to the students that perform significantly below average.