Guilherme Paulus- Top entrepreneur in Brazil

Guilherme Paulus is without a doubt one of the successful business persons in Brazil. He is a man who has done so much for the tourism sector in the country that his contribution can be counted among the most influencing businesspersons. He has facilitated tours for thousands of tourists both local and international his company CVC is the largest tour company in Latin company. He started this company in 1972 after he met a friend in voyage trip. Carlos Vicente was working with the local government then. He had a great investment idea of starting a tour company. He needed a hand, and he found Guilherme Paulus as a suitable person to work with on the project.

Guilherme Paulus is one of the people who has done a important business task of ensuring that there are sufficient tour operations in Brazil. After starting the tour company in 1972 when he was aged 24 years, he had dreams that the company would become the greatest. Since he did not have the money to invest in the company, his friend provided the money while he runs the daily operations. The combination worked, and in a short time, the company was doing so well that it was counted as one of the best at the time. Through passion, he was determined to make it in the industry.Guilherme Paulus is focusing on making the tour industry in Brazil better. CVC has grown to be the largest company in Latin.

He has sold 63 percent of the shareholding to Carlyle Group and his now holding only 27 percent. The company is now a publicly traded company, and it is attracting over $5 billion in revenue every year. To maintain the expansion of the company, the new shareholder has injected $750 million in its expansion. Every year, the company is adding about 100 stores around the country.Guilherme Paulus has since 2005 been running an accommodation business. He is the founder and chairman of the GJP Hotels and Resorts. This chain of hotels has branches in many parts of the county. So far they have 19 branches. More hotels and resorts are going to be added in the coming years.

Dick DeVos: Transforming Grand Rapids Skyline

The DeVos clan considers the city of Grand Rapids as their home. The DeVos clan is one of the richest families in the United States, and they own a huge number of properties and businesses across the country. Dick DeVos is one of the key members of the family, who served as the former head of Amway. He is the husband of the current United States Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, and they have been working together to uplift the lives of the people living in Grand Rapids. Dick DeVos is known for his influence not only in business but also in politics, and one of the most recent demonstrations of his power can be traced in 1991 when he stopped the city government of Grand Rapids from their plan of building a multi-purpose sports arena and convention center outside the downtown area.



He was the chief executive officer of Amway that time, and he spoke with the people who were behind the idea of building the large structure outside the city. He told them that their idea would not flourish, and the structure could also become a liability for the city. He has given the arenas in Detroit as an example and convinced the government officials not to follow their plans. Instead, he encouraged the city officials to focus on developing the downtown area instead. Because of the influence exerted by Dick DeVos, a group started to emerge, calling for the construction of grand structures near the city’s core. The DeVos heeded on the call of the group and sponsored the construction of numerous arenas, facilities, and entertainment venues. The Van Andel Arena and the DeVos Place Convention Center was among the first projects to be sponsored by the DeVos family, and after it was built, several other constructions followed, including the realization of the DeVos Performance Hall, and the Grand Rapids City Market. The Michigan State University also benefited from the sudden rebirth of construction within the city, and they were able to build their medical school with the help from the DeVos clan.



The people of Grand Rapids credited Dick DeVos as one of the driving force to the city’s transformation. He stated that he wanted to see the place where he grew up to become more modern, and the construction of several edifices within the city would help it generate new economic activities and attract more investors to the city.


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Victoria Doramus On Self Love And Bouncing Back

Victoria Doramus is known among the digital and print media world as being a professional with creativity that brings innovation to her field. She combines her diverse background that includes media, branding, communication, and advertising to discover new ways to approach subjects. At one point, Victoria Doramus even served as Peter Berg’s personal assistant for TV and film.

Helping others is something that Victoria Doramus feels compelled to do and is passionate about. After overcoming her own hardships, organizations like the Amy Winehouse Foundation mean a great deal to Victoria Doramus and she is happy to be able to help them fulfill their cause. She is also passionate about helping animals through the Best Friends Animal Society. Knowing that animals are not able to speak for themselves, Victoria Doramus enjoys advocating for their well being and also helping them find homes and the care that they need.

Dedicated to her health, Victoria Doramus is excited about the ability to collect data from her own lifestyle through the use of apps. She feels as if she is better able to take control of her health which helps to keep her on track with her goals. Even her dog has its own GPS tracker attached to his collar! With all of this information at hand, including vitals and diet, Victoria Doramus feels like she is better able to make food decisions for her health on a daily basis.

Over the years, Victoria Doramus has found that is important for her overall well-being to take time and enjoy life. Loving yourself is something that is important for everyone to lead a good life and she wishes she had discovered how important it is earlier in her career and life. Far too often, she has realized that people don’t ever take the time to enjoy their life by trying to find the beauty in it.

Becoming successful isn’t something happens quickly, and Victoria Doramus knows just how hard it can be coming back from failures. After struggling in her personal life, she knows changing failure takes hard truths and hard work. In the end, accepting responsibility helped her move on.

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Hussain Sajwani, The DAMAC Owner, Agrees To An Interview

Not many people can claim themselves to be one of the richest Arabs in the world but Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, is certainly one of them. However, he wasn’t always the successful businessman and entrepreneur he is today so just how did he become one of the most affluent and successful people in Saudi Arabia? He recently sat down with Bitsy Link to discuss how he got his start in his business career and where he plans on taking his company in the future. He was born in the early 1950’s to a father who was the owner of a haberdashery and this is what sparked his interest in entrepreneurship. From an early age, he proved to be a successful student, and this led to him receiving a scholarship to study abroad in the United States. After obtaining a degree from the University of Washington, he returned to the middle east to begin his career.

He started out working for one of the local gas companies and it wasn’t long before he had reached the top of the corporate ladder. Finally, in 2002, Hussain Sajwani became the DAMAC owner, founder, and CEO. One of the secrets to his company’s success is the fact that each of their employees pulls their own weight. He is also proud to have a culturally diverse staff with over 77 different races and ethnicity represented at his company. One of the things he enjoys most about working for his company is seeing one of their ideas reach its final completion.

This is due to the fact that he loves seeing their visions come to life. As he looks to the future, Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, would love to see his company be able to expand into the adjacent European nations as well as the rest of the world. He was then asked whether he values education or experience more and he responded by noting that the two are equal and, as such, he does not like one more than the other. So, we wish him the best of luck in his business endeavors.

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Learn More About Popular Television Personality, Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is a television personality that has come a long way since his roots in Georgia. He’s been able to successfully transition into a well known TV host that continues to work with some of the top syndicated networks. He is also a radio host and producer that’s constantly been able to reinvent himself. His niche continues to be television hosting by doing so for the last 10 years. However, he has been active on the radio and television since the early 90’s. His most notable work comes from the hit television series American Idol working along A-list celebrities Simon Cowbell and Paula Abdul.

Recent News About Ryan Seacrest

The Live With Kelly and Ryan Show is one of his best accomplishments says, Ryan. He is proud to work alongside Kelly and see her smile. Radio show host Seacrest recently took a vacation to Italy with his long time girlfriend and sent Kelly Rips pictures of what it looks like to vacation every day. He has been a great addition to the show since the departure of their former host Michael Strahan. Plus, Rips has been able to keep the show alive since losing her original host Regis Philbin to retirement.

This week the show focused on the new Guinness Book of Records as part of their Livetemper on the Kelly and Ryan Today show. In fact, they broke their own record with a total of 349 people doing the Floss Dance for 1-minute in New York City at one time. They’re now a part of the Guinness World Book as record holders. They also had a husband and wife set a record by juggling the most knives while slicing over 35 apples at the same rime. Together, they’ve been able to make it an exciting show with many special guests appearing each day.

Their producers say; the two are amazing together and their ratings are up dramatically since Michael’s departure. Ironically, Kelly has been able to introduce new music to Ryan from her good friend Jake Shears when Ryan is always introducing her to new music. The duo has even more planned for the months ahead. Even when Ryan’s busy with his career and business, he makes sure to prioritize on his fitness.

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Steve Ritchie Addresses John Schnatter’s Racist Comments With A Heartfelt Apology

In a move to help improve the company’s recently tainted image, the chief executive officer, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s, came out and publicly apologized for the racist remarks and other actions of the company’s founder, John Schnatter. The public had been surprised after Schnatter commented on the slumping sales of the NFL by blaming them on the organization’s failure to take care of its national anthem protest problem. After his comments, the NFL decided to drop Papa John’s as their official pizza. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only thing Schnatter had said. He also used a racial slur during a conference call, which caused a baseball stadium in Louisville to remove his name. His image was also taken off of any marketing or pizza boxes used by the baseball association.

Steve Ritchie announced to the public that he was deeply disturbed by John Schnatter’s comments and admitted that he found them offensive and hurtful. He was also very clear when he stated that Schnatter’s comments did not reflect his own views or values or the values and views of Papa John’s. He went on to say that future incidences would not be tolerated and that Papa John’s is much more than just its founder. There are over a hundred thousand people working for the company worldwide, and these people come from all kinds of different backgrounds and walks of life.

Steve Ritchie revealed that the company will be auditing itself and ensuring that it kicks up its diversity, cultural, and inclusion practices. He also commented that the company is more than happy being held accountable for its founder’s actions and that he will be personally leading the work that will taking place now. Ritchie’s empathy and vulnerability have been received very well by the public, and he was very wise to distance himself from John Schnatter. The media also found it wise that Steve Ritchie had addressed specific courses of action that the company would be taking. Many are perceiving his apology as legitimate and believe that it is a good place to begin a rebuilding effort of the company’s image.

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Jason Hope is an investor for he has invested in a lot of business organizations and has a passion for technology and giving back to the society by helping the people around him. He was born in Tempe Arizona and went to Arizona State University where he got a Bachelor’s degree in finance.

After he had completed attending the business school, he was able to be recognized internationally for he had succeeded very well in business and had become a very prominent business man. For more info connect with Jason on linkedin

Jason Hope Anti-Aging and SENS

He has been able to donate open-heartedly to anti-aging research that helped many people. He donated to the SENS Research Foundation sum money of five hundred dollars in 2010, and the organization always hosts the Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference after every year.

SENS is a non-profit organization that is being supported by different scientists, contributors, and investors who are very passionate about helping the organization. He was so humble and very generous to donate a large amount of money to the organization thus it was able to build a new laboratory that was well equipped and very organized that was known as the Cambridge SENS Laboratory.

The organization also used the amount of money that remained after building the laboratory to start a new research program that benefited a large percentage of the people.

Jason Hope was interviewed and stated that he was so much pleased to donate to the organization to help fight the issue of aging. He later stated that the organization focused on doing research and come up with a cure for deteriorating disease that destroys the human body thus causing people to age quickly than how it is required.

The disease affects mostly the mind or the lungs of people and leads to early aging of the human body. The SENS Research Program has founded a very beneficial program known as AGE-breaker. The AGE-breaker is possible if one uses a drug that is of the right standard and be able to breakdown AGEs.

Age is a metabolic excess that accumulates in one’s body and causes diseases such as arthritis, and Jason Hope feels that he wants to inspire others to donate to such company to give hope to the people who are aging very fast.

Jason Hope Tees

He came up with a company that produced original t-shirts to different customers. The company mission is to simply enjoy life with those employees in the company and the customers whom they bring light to.

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Clay Hutson: Audio Engineer, Entrepreneur and Stage Manager

Perhaps you’ve never heard of Clay Hutson? He’s many things, but most importantly he is an audio engineer, an entrepreneur, and even a stage manager. We will take a look at how one professional in the entertainment industry can wear so many hats (often at the same time). Mr. Hutson has led an impressive career journey that has resulted in him working with some of the most popular names in rock music. Some of Hutson’s success can be attributed to his industry experience and education while other attributes that he displays are commonly seen among high performing entrepreneurs in general.

What quality does Clay have that is commonly displayed among the titans of entrepreneurship? The willingness to assume the risk involved is naturally the answer. During the recession, Clay decided to start a new entity that would provide entertainment services for live entertainment production. Clay himself is quite qualified having worked for other entities providing such services in various capacities. Hutson has filled every position in the field from audio engineer all the way to project manager. Clay certainly has the experience and skills needed for entrepreneurship within the field of live audio production. With all these hats being worn, one might wonder what Hutson considers the most important one of all to be.

Clay refers to the majority of his day to day work as being a production manager. He starts the day at the crack of dawn; walking the stage setup for acts such as Kid Rock and also Guns N’ Roses. After clay performs his early morning walkthrough, he begins laying out his storage plans for equipment. By the time that Clay has finished working that night, a rock act will have blown through his stage impressing audiences. A good deal of Hutson’s work might even go unnoticed during the heat of the final moments.

Clay Hutson really is a professional that takes the cutting edge elements of his field to heart. While many stage designers are concerned with the largest, sharpest video monitors for relaying live image feeds of the action, Clay is considered with more creative ways for artists to capture the attention of their fans. Perhaps acrobatics, like Lady Gaga has began to incorporate, is more entertaining and fresh? This is the type of cutting edge attitude that drives Hutson’s performance. Lights, aerial stunts and other techniques can really create the type of show that the music fans are likely to never forget!

Anil Chaturvedi Offers More than Banking Services

Anil Chaturvedi is among the most credible Indian bankers. He works serves as the Managing Director of Hinduja Bank, Switzerland. He has also worked with Merrill Lynch and ANZ Grindlays Bank based in New York. Anil Chaturvedi has massively contributed towards the huge growth and development of the banking industry. Anil has served in the banking industry for over 40 years. He pursued his education at Delhi University and achieved a Bachelors of Arts degree in Economics. He enrolled for higher studies in the same institution and attained a Master’s Degree in Financial Management. He is a specialist in corporate and private banking. He also offers financial services in investment banking.

While he was the Managing Director of Merrill Lynch, his primary objective was the implementation of banking services to pandemic Indians in the United States, Asia, Europe as well as India. His banking services are constraint within providing customized outcomes to specialized experts such as doctors and certified business-people. This offered him an opportunity for him to become one of the leading experts in one of the greatest band affluent management companies around the globe. Anil Chaturvedi controlled around 300 accounts which had assets worth 500 US Dollars to more than 1 billion US Dollars between 2007 and 2010. He was featured in the list of top Financial Advisers.

Before he started working in Merrill Lynch, he used to be the president and the senior representative at ANZ Grindlays Bank which is located in New York. He led to the incredible growth and development of the banks’ operations and was very effective in the development of skills and products, marketing and establishment of a profitable bank model. Anil Chaturvedi served as the new Branch Manager of State Bank of India between 1987 and 1991. Anil was employed to strategize and make a plan for marketing strategies that would easily obtain the businesses of non-resident Indians who were living in the United States.

As the Managing Director of Hinduja Bank in Switzerland, he initially focused on the Middle East and South Asia markets with more of his concern on the mergers and acquisitions. This was meant to raise the bar for the main prospects and joint ventures connection between Indian and European corporations.

What Are The Advantages Of Tours Created By Guilherme Paulus

Tours created by Guilherme Paulus are some of the most magical experiences that anyone can have. People who travel to Brazil often take these tours because they want to see as much of the countryside as possible, and they are taken to villages, cities, and forests that other people do not see. There are many tours that Guilherme has built, and he has a fleet of hotels that host his guests. Check this article at to learn more.

  1. What Are These Tours Like?

Guilherme Paulus wants people to see all of Brazil in the way that he sees it. He does not just take people to the cities and beaches because he knows that people have seen all of that before. He would prefer to show people the forests and other parts of the country that are usually hidden. He has partners in the villages who help with his tours, and he brings people to places that they would never see on their own. He prefers to help people have fun in Brazil by providing them with an experience that they do not get through traditional tour agents.

  1. Why Does He Have Hotels?

Guilherme Paulus has expanded to include hotels in his touring empire because he knows that a nice place to stay can be hard to find. He wanted to have places where his tour guests could stay, and he invested in hotels all over Brazil that will fit the bill. He believes in giving his guests the best overall experience, and he knows that that experience improves in a nice hotel room.

  1. Affordable Travel

Guilherme Paulus has been running tours around Brazil for decades, and he has always kept his prices low. He wants travel to Brazil to be affordable so that people who really want to see the country can have the best time among the people. He welcome sin foreign travelers every day, and they pay less to see the beauty of Brazil.

  1. Conclusion

Guilherme Paulus is the right person to talk to when working on a new tour plan for Brazil. His company makes the experience feel much more magical.

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