Guilherme Paulus: Worldwide Entrepreneur & Brazilian Hotelier

Worldwide entrepreneur and Brazilian hotelier, Guilherme Paulus, has a few jewels of wisdom to impart on those getting their start in the business world. He openly acknowledges that it is an easy thing to do to brush off the wisdom being passed down by elders when you are new and feeling confident; however, he feels firmly that it is critical to the success of one’s long term business to listen to others and seek out advice to grow one’s base of knowledge.

Guilherme Paulus is currently considered one of Brazil’s most influential men in business. He holds such honorable positions as being the head of the Board of Advisors for CVC Brazil, a Brazilian tour company, as well as GJP Hotels and Resorts which run throughout the entire country.


Paulus gained his start in the business world working as an intern for IBM. When asking where the ideas to create such grand business endeavors started, Paulus is quick to share the credit with Carlos Vincente Cerchiari, a former state deputy and now Paulus’ business partner. Cerchiari and Paulus met on a boating trip and after Paulus had listened to Cerchiari’s ideas regarding opening a tourist agency in Santo Andre, Guilherme Paulus’ mind was spinning with ideas. As a young individual without capital to invest, Cerchiari created a deal where Paulus could provide the ground work and initial actions while Cerchiari covered the capital.

Cerchiari and Paulus were partners for approximately four years until Paulus decided to strike out alone. When asked about what things excite Paulus as he strikes out on his own, he specifically cites the technology currently available. He rationalizes that through the speed of information he can more expeditiously understand the needs of his customers and more efficiently work to meet their needs.

The entrepreneur is a man who believes strongly in need for both talent and hard work to truly be great. He thinks everyone in the world could benefit from reading an Og Mandino book by the name of The Greatest Salesman in the World. His favorite personal quote is, “Prizes are my rewards, obstacles are my challenges”.

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Organo Gold: Ganoderma Can Fight Diseases

Bernardo Chua is the founder and CEO of Organo Gold. His company sells products like tea and coffee that are infused with Ganoderma Lucidum, an herb that has been used in Asia for centuries for its many health benefits. Mr. Chua grew up learning about all the health benefits of the Ganoderma herb from his grandparents and he has built a successful career with the knowledge. He understands that for his company to continue to grow it is necessary to constantly educate people about the health benefits of the products that Organo Gold sells. One very popular item the company sells is their Ganoderma infused coffee. It is very common for many of us to start our day with a morning cup of coffee but achieving ideal health while drinking coffee is the last thing that comes to mind. Leadership at Organo Gold feel that there is strong evidence t support that their Ganoderma infused products can help people achieve an optimum state of health.

According to Organo Gold, there are many studies that support evidence for the benefits of Ganoderma. One of the great things about taking the Ganoderma herb is that it can make it easier for people to lose weight. Many people find it difficult to near impossible to lose a few pounds. Ganoderma can help the human body to oxygenate better. Oxygen is necessary to consume nutrients and can speed up the metabolism. Ganoderma can also help individuals to manage stress. There have also been several clinical trials that have shown that using Ganoderma can help manage high blood pressure. In a controlled setting, Ganoderma was used and significantly lowered blood pressure. Several studies also show that there is a correlation between oxygen and cancer. Cancer cells will die off in an environment with loads of oxygen but will thrive in a setting lacking oxygen. A body that is oxygenated is able to fight cancer and other degenerative diseases.

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OG Juan Perez And Desiree Perez Namechecked By Jay-Z And Beyonce

The release of the surprise third installment of the trilogy of albums taken from the real-life experiences of Beyonce and Jay-Z as a married couple has been completed with the release of “Everything Is Love.” On the album, both superstars are giving their all as they explore the life they live together surrounded by a close inner circle of friends and business partners. The sixth track on the album, “Friends” namechecks most of the members of the management collective involved with Jay-Z’s label, Roc Nation.

Two of the most important members of the team at Roc Nation are Desiree and OG Juan Perez who are both namechecked by the pair during the song “Friends.” OG Juan Perez has been one of the most important members of the Roc Nation team for decades and has become known for his partnership with Jay-Z in the studio and in other business ventures throughout the 90s and 00s. The pair worked closely together on many of the most successful albums of Jay-Z until “The Black Album” which he was not involved in, but he did receive a shoutout from the rapper who expressed unhappiness OG Juan was not in the studio during recording. The two business partners have also sought to build a number of business ventures together including “The 40/40 Club” sports bar.

The importance of OG Juan and Desiree Perez to the so-called Hova Circle of Influence within Roc Nation was shown with the decision to indulge the 50th birthday of the head of Roc Nation Sports with a lavish party. The infamous bar tab of $91,000 from the party shows that success is flowing into the life of the family and friends of Jay-Z and Beyonce all the time.

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Waiakea Water Is More Than A Drink

One of the leaders in the multi-billion dollar industry of bottled water is Waiakea Water. This company was established in 2012 and is based in Hawaii. What separates Waiakea Water from the competition is the fact that their water comes from a volcano. They filter the volcanic water by running the water through porous volcanic rocks found at the Mauna Loa volcano.


Beyond water, Waiakea dedicates a lot of their resources to the cause of protecting the environment. Every year, billions of water bottles are dumped into our oceans or put in landfills. As you can imagine, this is very harmful for the environment. As of this year, Waiakea will be introducing to the world the first fully degradable bottle. Typically, it takes about 1,000 years for a normal plastic bottle to totally degrade into the environment. Waiakea Water has developed a formula that makes their bottles able to fully degrade into the environment in only 15 years. This is a tremendous accomplishment. Not only are these bottles degradable, but the bottle is made up of 100% recyclable plastic. In addition to making their bottles environment friendly, Waiakea is also Carbo Neutral certified. They use low-emission vehicles to transport their products where they need to go. This company is also very active in the community. For every liter of water purchased from Waiakea, they donate a week’s supply of clean water to the people in need in Malawi.


Waiakea Water is one of the fastest growing companies in America today, with no hint of slowing down. It is rare to find a company that is so aware about the affect that pollution has on the environment. Even more uncommon, is the fact that this company put in motion a game plan to combat the defilement of our home. Not only is Waiakea Water cool, they care about our future.