The RealReal: Luxury Shopping Done Your Way

While rip-offs or “fakes” of luxury items such as Chanel purses are often sold online for very questionable prices, the RealReal is an app known for doing the exact opposites of these practices. The RealReal prides itself on having only authentic items for sale and goes to lengthy measures to ensure that this never changes. This is not the only reason the company has a good standing, however. The RealReal is also known for their honesty and commitment to their work. For instance, when a purse was given to the company for resale, an expensive pair of earrings was left within. The company did not take advantage of the situation and returned the earrings back to its rightful owner. The company has an inventory that changes at least every thirty days so you never know what catch you may find. Some consumers even compare shopping at the RealReal to the nostalgia of shopping at thrift stores.

While being consumer-friendly, the company is tech-friendly as well- utilizing social media such as Instagram. Some of their featured products range from jackets to shoes to purses. One specific example is a denim Versace jacket that looks absolutely stunning, and to make it better, it authentic. The Instagram page of the company showcases a majority of their products including several quotes about fashion. In addition to the jacket, the page also showcases one of the company’s more popular items- Chanel Slingback Heels which are a must for any fashion diva. Looking for Gucci purses and bags? The app has got your need covered as well. The page is organized to look particularly appealing to any potential consumer’s eyes. Generally speaking, purchasing any of these items would cause a lot of expense on the consumer’s behalf. Shopping with the RealReal makes it easy and cheap.