The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Takes on The Traffic Congestion of Central Texas

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is a company that builds mobile solutions to traffic congestion. The Mobility Authority is a local company that was created by Williamson and Travis counties. Central Texas is expecting traffic congestion to increase in the next few years and the needs to calm the congestion is of top priority. Currently the company has a project called MoPac Express lanes.

This project implements a variable tolling system that will be able to keep up with the daily demands of commuters. This variable tolling will keep the flow of traffic going in the express lanes even if the other lanes are slowed down because of rush hour.

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority has future projects underway. The main one is creating smart roads. To do this, they embed fiber lines along the roadways with the premise that technology will advance so that smart cars can communicate with the roadways.

The Mobility Authority has paired with two companies to improve traffic congestion. The two companies, Metropia and Carma, are working with the Mobility Authority by creating apps. The carpooling app is already released. This app promotes carpooling. Learn more about Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority:

By doing this, traffic congestion can be cut down because of the decrease of vehicles out on the roadways. Metropia and the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is working on an app that provides commuters with alternative routes should their current route be congested.

The Statesman has brought the arguments to the table with the impending traffic increase and the Mobility Authority is finding solutions to the congested traffic issues. They encourage people to walk or even pedal a bike instead of driving. These two ideas can decrease traffic if people would participate. Dedicated walkways and biking lanes are provided to encourage commuters to participate in this.

Mike Heiligenstein is the Executive Director with the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority was founded in 2002 but didn’t become operational until 2003 when Mike was brought on board. Their goal is to create a modern transportation network for the central area of Texas.

Mike graduated from the University of Texas and earned two Master’s degrees in Business Administration and Government Administration. The transportation system is expected to generate over $130 million in revenue by the year 2020.