Clay Hutson: Audio Engineer, Entrepreneur and Stage Manager

Perhaps you’ve never heard of Clay Hutson? He’s many things, but most importantly he is an audio engineer, an entrepreneur, and even a stage manager. We will take a look at how one professional in the entertainment industry can wear so many hats (often at the same time). Mr. Hutson has led an impressive career journey that has resulted in him working with some of the most popular names in rock music. Some of Hutson’s success can be attributed to his industry experience and education while other attributes that he displays are commonly seen among high performing entrepreneurs in general.

What quality does Clay have that is commonly displayed among the titans of entrepreneurship? The willingness to assume the risk involved is naturally the answer. During the recession, Clay decided to start a new entity that would provide entertainment services for live entertainment production. Clay himself is quite qualified having worked for other entities providing such services in various capacities. Hutson has filled every position in the field from audio engineer all the way to project manager. Clay certainly has the experience and skills needed for entrepreneurship within the field of live audio production. With all these hats being worn, one might wonder what Hutson considers the most important one of all to be.

Clay refers to the majority of his day to day work as being a production manager. He starts the day at the crack of dawn; walking the stage setup for acts such as Kid Rock and also Guns N’ Roses. After clay performs his early morning walkthrough, he begins laying out his storage plans for equipment. By the time that Clay has finished working that night, a rock act will have blown through his stage impressing audiences. A good deal of Hutson’s work might even go unnoticed during the heat of the final moments.

Clay Hutson really is a professional that takes the cutting edge elements of his field to heart. While many stage designers are concerned with the largest, sharpest video monitors for relaying live image feeds of the action, Clay is considered with more creative ways for artists to capture the attention of their fans. Perhaps acrobatics, like Lady Gaga has began to incorporate, is more entertaining and fresh? This is the type of cutting edge attitude that drives Hutson’s performance. Lights, aerial stunts and other techniques can really create the type of show that the music fans are likely to never forget!

Alex Pall Spills All in Interview Session

When it comes to music there is one thing for certain about The Chainsmokers: Alex Pall is clearly the talkative one among the two in this duo. He has proven, over the years, that does not hold back with any type of filter when he discusses his personal life or his music with Andrew Taggart.


This duo has been creating hits since 2014 with songs like “#Selfie,” and it goes to show that there are a ton of people that are interested in what is being sparked by the creative minds that has come forth from The Chainsmokers. Alex has gone on to talk about new music that has surfaced, and he has also given people some info on how some of the older hit music came about.


The “Kanye” song from several years ago, he has mentioned once, was a song that talked about embracing what your do regardless of who disagrees with it. The “Closer” song seems to get someone into a world that mirrors lyrics that could just as easily come from Alex Pall’s own life. He talks about all the music that is be generated, but Alex comes from a really honest place where he also talks about the women in his life.


Pall is no stranger to putting in the time and effort to get the women, but now he says that he works even more because he wanted to make millions to have access to hotter women. These type of statements in interviews with Alex Pall may be a little more than fans bargained for, but he comes off as entertaining, and that is what makes the fans listen. They truly become intertwined in the music that he is making and the interviews that he is doing. Most artists are going to make the music that reflects their own personal life, and the steamy tracks that connect the dots to Alex Pall and his private time with the ladies.


This duo has multiple platinum singles, and it appears that they are just getting started. Alex has stated they they like to work hard and play hard.