Creating a Strong Foundation for Your New Business’ Online Reputation

Ryan Erskine recently wrote an excellent piece for entrepreneurs who need some guidance on online reputation management.

It all starts with you, the business owner. Whether you’ve been in business awhile and are starting a new venture, or are about to open up your very first one, you will want to make sure your online images are squeaky clean for your customers and clients.

Social media pages can and will be searched by anyone looking to do business with you, so you will want to get a head start on them by scanning for and cleaning up any potentially controversial or damaging updates. Once it is clean, you will want to dominate those pages with the images you wish to portray. Awards, positive reviews, and a full profile on multiple social media outlets will raise your search engine visibility and make you and your business look both dynamic and attractive.

After the social media pages look good, it is time to create a personal webpage. According to, this will give you an opportunity to establish your online persona and write a call to action where potential contacts can reach out to you one on one through your preferred channels. If you plan on running multiple ventures throughout your career, a personal website will tie everything together and grow with you over time. To make it more visible on a search, use your full name in the URL if possible, include a Bio page, a contact section, and keep it active and up-to-date. You can also offer links to your businesses.

Make sure your business locations are as easy to find on Google and other mapping sites as possible. Having a photo, updated hours and contact information, and the correct location of any physical buildings you are in will raise your credibility for new clients and customers. Plus, you don’t want to lose a client just because they couldn’t find you, do you? For the website, make sure you or an outside online reputation management firm are posting new features like blogs regularly, because search engines favor new materials over old ones.