Betsy DeVos: A Politician of Unmatched Dedication to Education

The push for school choice has never been about further disadvantaging the American youths that reside at lower tiers of the socio-economic ladder. Unfortunately, many of the people that speak out against school choice programs use this as the catalyst for their outrage. They simply do not understand that such programs would help reduce the occurrence of children suffering from such an educational gap. Instead of denying them opportunities, these programs would allow them to have more than they ever did before. Politicians like Betsy DeVos are specifically trying to help these disadvantaged children and assist with their continued success. Individuals that are upset about the presence of school choice programs, simply do not understand the advantages of moving towards an updated model of education. Instead, clinging to the ghosts of educational past will cause more damage, and in many cases the very same damage that they claim such changes will incite.


Betsy DeVos has spent much of her time in office fielding the concerns of many parents who want their children to receive the best education that they possibly can. People need to understand, she explains in a recent interview to Philosophy Roundtable, that this is a goal she shares with them. She wants to see the lasting success of the education system, she simply believes that the future of the system resides in the private sector. The growing interest in private education should speak to the increased effort being made by professionals in that situation. Individuals are put into a position where they must assess the current functionality of their public-school systems because of the success experienced by these alternative institutions.


Already, there are 50,000 students newly enrolled in Floridian schools that exercise under the banner of school choice. Betsy DeVos tells the interviewers of Philanthropy Roundtable that this pales in comparison to the new 250,000 students that are enrolled on a national basis. She expects this number to continue to rise as parents become more invested in these alternative options. Once they have seen their students performing at better rates, word will spread amongst parents and there will be an even greater interest in such programs. Her goal is not to destroy the public-school system, rather she wants to incite an atmosphere of change that even such systems could become a part of. The future looks bright for the American education system, which is encouraging considering it has been in somewhat of a decline in recent years. With someone of Betsy DeVos’s ambition, there is no doubt it will continue to grow under her tutelage.


Betsy DeVos has extensive knowledge in the field of education and she has made a name for herself throughout her work in various organizations that advocate the presence of school choice. She will continue to work to overhaul all types of school organizations, as she takes her role as Secretary of Education very seriously. She knows that in order to ensure success, these organizations will require a firm hand and a dedicated mind.


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Betsy DeVos and Educational Care

There are some people on this planet who come across as being different than others. They may possess leadership abilities that are particularly rare. They may have presences and attitudes that are particularly stoic and composed. Betsy DeVos certainly is one of those individuals. She’s been a figure in the American political and educational scene for a good number of years at this point. People see her and occasionally think of Dick, her hard-working husband. They see her and immediately remember her stance regarding all kinds of educational subjects in the United States.


DeVos is the detail-oriented Secretary of Education for President Donald Trump’s current administration. People are aware of the fact that she’s part of the world leader’s team. People who have a grasp of her personality and inner workings, however, also know something else. That “something else” is the reality that she’s very much her own individual. Members of the public cannot make the mistake of assuming that DeVos’ beliefs are always like those of President Trump. President Trump has never backed down from the concept of talking about his stances regarding all types of societal topics. He has his own ideas that pertain to restrooms and transgendered students in American schools. DeVos has told people who have met with her that she doesn’t always have thought processes that are like his. She wouldn’t even consider for a second behaving in a way that was anything other than coordinated, however. DeVos is a political figure who is well aware of the boons of balanced and cohesive behavioral patterns.


DeVos doesn’t let other people affect how she thinks and operates. Her stances regarding the universe of educational choice in the United States are hers and hers alone. Her husband, though, manages to have many concepts that are beautifully in line with hers. Dick DeVos is another person who likes to zero in on educational topics in America. He likes to integrate his various interests, too. This man has always been captivated by aviation. He has a charter school that delves into the aviation industry. It accommodates young people in Michigan who want to achieve success in the aviation field at some point in the future. Its Grand Rapids location doesn’t dissuade people who live far away, either. There are a handful of students at the academy who aren’t intimidated by the idea of long-distance school commutes. The West Michigan Aviation Academy is a game-changer for many teenagers who adore planes.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is Betsy and Dick’s “baby.” Betsy and Dick clearly make an effective pair. They’ve been doing things together for many years. They’ve brought up children together. They’ve made major donations to political sectors as a duo. They’ve handled political events as a twosome as well. It doesn’t seem like they’re going to stop working as a unit. Betsy covets the idea of a country that lets children grasp their educational requirements. She covets the idea of a world that promotes better educational ease.


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A Life Full Of Giving

– When Mr. Soros Defines Philanthropy

It often takes the rich to really define what philanthropy means. It’s clear that none of us can truly give unless we have something to actually give. When we do ourselves, we can then redefine what philanthropy means. Until then, the world watches George Soros lead a path for others to follow. This path is both for the rich and poor.

Of the rich, Mr. Soros has been able to set the standard which we know today as charity.

Among the poor, he’s been able offer inspiration. And that inspiration is one where societies across the planet witness what’s possible with charity work. When you have the leverage to decide how resources affect nations, then you have the power to make a real impact.

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Giving, Giving And Then Some More

This type of impact is something we’ve seen for quite some time now. All that we can describe it as is giving, giving, and then some more. Just when we think George Soros felt that his charitable work was complete, he had more in store. His announcement, for example, that he would retire from charity work shocked the entire globe. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

It was only when another opportunity to truly make a world impact came along did George return from his charitable retirement. That opportunity was with Hilary Clinton. When the former president’s wife announced that she would run for office, George Soros immediately contacted the Hilary PAC and made a donation.

The act alone enabled George Soros to define what philanthropy really means to the world.

What We Can Expect From George In The Future

It’s safe say that these acts give us a clear clue of what we can expect from George Soros in the future. It’s not likely that he’ll be as active as he has been in the past. Nevertheless, it’s also clear that Mr. Soros will find it difficult to walk away from giving a helping hand to the world.

From the Open Society Foundation and more, this man is sure to answer to the world when it’s in need. The real question which resides with us is when that will happen. For now, only tomorrow can tell. Read this story at about George Soros.

Politics, Liberalism, Money and George Soros

Politics is a very complex field for any person to be involved. The realm of politics is not easy to deal with. Trying to provide solutions to people’s lives is not always a strait forward process. Trying to govern people fairly is very hard to accomplish. Even under the guidance of the Constitution, political figures still have problems with ensuring that they are ruling society without violating the rights of its people.

Another problem with politics has to do with money and funding. While it is true that a person can run office if they choose to do so; without enough funding and backing, they won’t be running very far. A political candidate needs money to advertise their agenda, to promote themselves in the political arena and to travel.

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So, unless they are incredibly wealthy themselves; many political candidates have a need for rich supporters. Many political figures often align themselves (and it is the other way around too) with wealthy figures who stand behind their ideology. They also do this with companies as well. Once again, they need money from wealthy people, businesses and organizations to ensure that they stand a chance of being elected. Know more on about George Soros.

Enter George Soros. This man is considered one of the top 30th richest people on the planet. That is an amazing feat. Soros use to be a businessman many years ago. Well, he used to be very active in business back then. Now, he has set that aside to become more involved in politics. His claim to fame in politics is the support that he provides to candidates.

In fact, some people believe that George Soros is the premiere financier of liberal causes. The right frequently sites him as a dangerous man who is persistently advancing his beliefs deeply into American society. However, this is not the truth. Soros is a man who firmly believes that societies should stay open and balanced as much as possible. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

While he does not disagree with everything that the right stands for, he does not buy into everything that they represent. Soros sees, the political right being a force that would limit the freedoms that American people should enjoy. This is why he works hard to keep the liberals and democrats in check. This belief is not just for Americans but for people all over the Earth.

He supported Hillary Clinton in 2016, Barrack Obama in 2008 and 2012. He also supported John Kerry in 2004. Soros supports liberal organizations such as the American Institution of Social Justice, ACLU and Black Lives Matter.