Brown Modelling Agency Levels The Playing Field By Recruiting Healthy Plus Size Models

Models have to be pretty, thin and tall, or so the past generations were always told. This notion is changing, as evolution is the only way forward for humanity, and sticking to old ideas and perceptions often lead industries to get stuck in a runt. The ideology of showing both real men and women who are confident of themselves and proud to live in their skin gave birth to the rise of plus-size models. Many reputable modeling firms such as the Brown Modelling Agency, are all embracing the concept of signing with plus size models that are healthy and true examples of real women.



While the concept of plus-size fashion figures, doesn’t appeal to a few, as people often associate the word plus size to obesity, this is not necessarily true. In reality, plus size models can be a source of inspiration to teenagers and others who believe that one needs to be thin to be pretty, in fact, plus-size fashion figures can be of a healthy size as well. For instance, Brown Modelling Agency hires models between the dress sizes of 10 to 16 which is considered both a healthy and beautiful size. For women who would like to join this category for runway models, they need to be a minimum of 5 feet and 8 inches; however, women who are a bit shorter or prefer other platforms can opt to apply for commercial print and real life tv shoots.



Emerging as a new leader in the fashion industry, they have also taken things a step further by understanding as well as appreciating the fact that people are different and so are models. This firm believes that exceptions can be made for talent that might not meet runway norms but can pose well, brighten the set with a beautiful smile and charm clients with their stage allure.



For most commercial and runway shoots, Brown Agency accepts new models and hires existing talent within the set norm of the fashion industry of thin and pretty. Both male and female models with varied hair colors, appearances and heights are accepted for runway projects, commercial print jobs as well as TV and commercial roles.



According to Market Wired, located in Austin, Texas, Brown Modelling Agency, has recently acquired Heyman Talent-South and together as a joint force, this modeling firm has become the only full-service agency for various types of modeling shoots. Past clients of Brown Modelling Agency, who have completed projects with the help of Wilhelmina Austin and her core team, have been amazed at the meticulous process followed for sourcing models, hiring, cross-checking requirements and finally executing the shoot until completion of the project.



Led by Wilhelmina Austin, and founded in 2010, as one of the most respected and sought-after agencies to offer clients a significant choice of various portfolios of both experienced and upcoming talent. With the power of added human resources, Brown Modelling Agency can be considered as a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry hereafter.


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