Scott Rocklage Supporting Research for a Cause to a Cure

Scott Rocklage is the Managing Partner of 5AM Ventures since 2004. Scott Rockledge is actually known as Dr. Rocklage with more than 30 years of Healthcare Management experience. Scott Rocklage is a very prestigious businessman who held various leadership positions in the pharmaceutical industry such as Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and President throughout his career with some well-known companies such as Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Nycomed Salutar and Catalytica.


Scott Rocklage Education


University of California, Berkeley

Degree: Bachelor of Science

Studies: Chemistry


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Degree: PhD

Studies: Chemistry


Scott Rocklage while attending Massachusetts Institute of Technology had the honor of conducting research with 2005 Chemistry Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Richard Schrock.



Scott Rocklage Impressive FDA Accomplishments


Scott Rocklage made an impressive accomplishment when he successfully managed to receive approval from the FDA which is a time consuming process for 3 medications listed below.


1.Cubicin – Antibiotic that’s used to treat infections.

2.Teslascan – Diagnostic MRI detection for lesions of the liver.

3.Omni Scan – MRI contrast agent used in imaging procedures to help

see one’s blood vessels.



5AM Ventures


5AM Ventures is a venture capital firm with two locations based in San Francisco California and Boston Massachusetts. 5AM Ventures was founded in 2002 and the business model is based on early investments to their clients towards next-generation life science for healthcare discoveries in medicine and science.


Scott Rocklage Clearing the Path to a Cure


Scott Rocklage as the managing partner of 5AM Ventures worked consistently with Dr. Matthew Disney of Expansion Therapeutics in reference to researching a cure for a genetic disorder called Myotonic Dystrophy which is the leading cause of Muscular Dystrophy in adults. 5AM Ventures was a financial contributor to the cause and Scott Rocklage was personally supportive of working closely with Dr. Disney on the needs in reference to researching for a cure. Research for this disorder must be consistent to find a cure that would be effective permanently. Scott Rockledge in assistance to forming the research team and financial investors are dedicated to his responsibilities at 5AM Ventures and is looking forward to working closely with Expansion Therapeutics to meet their goals for the cure for Myotonic Dystrophy.


Scott Rocklage at the end of the Day


Scott Rocklage is a loving Husband to his wife Patty Rocklage, Residing in the state of Massachusetts. Learn more:


Paul Mampilly- Investing In Style

Paul Mampilly of Banyan Hill is out again with a stunning piece of teaser pitch that features on his newsletters profits unlimited. The teaser pitch is super low with an entry level of 97dollars per year for stock picking letters. According to Paul Mampilly, he has identified one of the leading companies globally offering Precision Medicine Revolution bringing a huge win to investors since it captures on health care market. Paul approaches the theme attention branding it the most significant medical breakthrough ever seen in history more than the combination of drugs, medical devices, and vaccinations. Read this article at Daily Forex Report.

According to medical experts, it’s the revolutionary approach needed to tackling of different diseases, and it will ignite and change the health revolution. Paul Mampilly says that the mid-western company has precipice breakthrough of the greatest medical globally that will help to treat the untreatable humanity diseases. The company has an investment portfolio of 1.5 billion dollars, and its central core is precision medicine by looking at an individual DNA and creating personalized medicine fitting the personal genetic makeup hence preventing diseases. The precision medicines doctors identify the best treatment and drugs that work best in preventing individualized patients from ever getting certain types of medicine and the best therapy for overcoming any existing diseases based on individual genes.

Paul Mampilly says the company dealing with precision medicine started in the 1990s with its Chief Executive Officer being a biotech pioneer aged 25 years old. The biotech pioneer is using his vast industry contacts to bring in the board the top scientific minds globally to work on the best hilltop facilities confirming the best of Thinkolators work. The company is boasts of leading in the medical care industry of molecular diagnostic using the DNA sequencing accessing the possibility of a person developing certain diseases and determining the drug therapy ideal for curing the illness. Learn more about Paul on

The Myriad Genetics central headquarters are in Utah, and its primary target is different types of cancers ranging from breast to ovarian to prostate to uterine and rheumatoid arthritis. Myriad Genetics company stock performed quite well since the original Paul Mampilly teaser when the price ranged from $24 to 25. The Mampilly report boasted the pricing, making it increase from 1.5 billion dollars stock to 2.2 billion dollars stocks. The company has become the global leading in breast cancer business launching the riskScore algorithm that helps to improve the assessments of family cancer risks based on combining of the family history data with the Myriads Genetic test of my Risk hereditary cancer. Visit:

Rocketship Education Focuses on Needy Students

Rocketship Education advocates say it is important for parents to understand growth scores for them to make sense of their children’s progress. Rocketship Education is a program that has been incorporated in the mainstream education in Tennessee. According to the program advocates, growth scores are even more important because they alert the teachers and parents of where a learner is in the given grade. While proficiency tests serve their purpose of showing whether a student has the skills required for a given grade, growth scores indicate how much learning has taken place. Growth scores are even more important for children from economically disadvantaged homes. According to James Robinson, the Principal of Rocketship United Academy, growth scores will help the systems to invent new ways of ensuring that all students are at par.

The Impact of Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education in Tenessee has picked up significantly. In a recent workshop, the crusaders of growth scores facilitated under Rocketship Education organized a workshop in Tenessee to establish the academic progress that the learners in the region have made. Elementary school-going children in Davidson County will have to wait a little longer, though, before they are informed of the same. Nashville schools are also using ANMWEA measures to track the progress that their learners have made in a school year. MAP assessments have been developed by Rocketship Education proponents and are used by over 7,400 schools across the globe. Rocketship Public Schools have been using MAP assessment since they started. Rocketship Educationists applaud the heads of education in Nashville for implementing the MAP program across public schools in the area.

The Statistical Data

Available data from the grassroots indicates that most children from impoverished backgrounds begin schooling behind schedule. Figures show that they somehow never catch up with their counterparts. The Rocketship Education experts note that in places such as Nashville where there are many learners from poor backgrounds, there is a gap in every subject tested between them and the rest of the learners. Growth scores will help public schools to close the gap because they will learn of these gaps early enough. It is imperative to pay attention to the students that perform significantly below average.

Ted Bauman: Giving Back

The end of the day it is about all of us making it together as the human race. Giving back and contributing to the success of someone else shows that a person is grateful for what they have and don’t take it for granted. There are many ways for people to give back to their fellow man. Giving them the knowledge to take care of themselves is pretty high on that list. That is exactly what Ted Bauman does. Learn more at crunchbase about Ted Bauman.

Ted Bauman is a man that is highly educated and knowledgeable on the economy and its trends. He has dedicated his life to helping people to get financial sovereignty. Ted Bauman went to the university of Cape Town in Africa where he got degrees in economics and history. Over the years he worked at many jobs that involves serving the community including some in the nonprofit area. He was actually one of the founders of Slum Dwellers International. Ted Bauman’s philanthropic work didn’t end there as he is now the Editor of the Bauman letter at Banyan Hill Publishing. This company is giving back to people in a very different way.

Banyan Hill Publishing like Ted Bauman has a very strong dedication to the people. It is a publisher of independent investment advice. This advice is what Banyan Hills wants its readers to take advantage of I order to get financial strength and eventually liberty. They don’t want people worried about money or investors worrying about what happens at the next stock market crash. They advise them and give them information on opportunities that the mainstream market is not aware of. They do this though their publications and though experts like Ted Bauman. They have ben doing this for going on 20 years now and they don’t plan to stop any soon. The experts at6 Banyan Hill offer advice on every facet of the market and have information that is global in scope.

Ted Bauman has found a company that thinks like him. He understands that helping people is the right thing to do. Its great to see that people are still caring of others.



Betsy DeVos and Educational Care

There are some people on this planet who come across as being different than others. They may possess leadership abilities that are particularly rare. They may have presences and attitudes that are particularly stoic and composed. Betsy DeVos certainly is one of those individuals. She’s been a figure in the American political and educational scene for a good number of years at this point. People see her and occasionally think of Dick, her hard-working husband. They see her and immediately remember her stance regarding all kinds of educational subjects in the United States.


DeVos is the detail-oriented Secretary of Education for President Donald Trump’s current administration. People are aware of the fact that she’s part of the world leader’s team. People who have a grasp of her personality and inner workings, however, also know something else. That “something else” is the reality that she’s very much her own individual. Members of the public cannot make the mistake of assuming that DeVos’ beliefs are always like those of President Trump. President Trump has never backed down from the concept of talking about his stances regarding all types of societal topics. He has his own ideas that pertain to restrooms and transgendered students in American schools. DeVos has told people who have met with her that she doesn’t always have thought processes that are like his. She wouldn’t even consider for a second behaving in a way that was anything other than coordinated, however. DeVos is a political figure who is well aware of the boons of balanced and cohesive behavioral patterns.


DeVos doesn’t let other people affect how she thinks and operates. Her stances regarding the universe of educational choice in the United States are hers and hers alone. Her husband, though, manages to have many concepts that are beautifully in line with hers. Dick DeVos is another person who likes to zero in on educational topics in America. He likes to integrate his various interests, too. This man has always been captivated by aviation. He has a charter school that delves into the aviation industry. It accommodates young people in Michigan who want to achieve success in the aviation field at some point in the future. Its Grand Rapids location doesn’t dissuade people who live far away, either. There are a handful of students at the academy who aren’t intimidated by the idea of long-distance school commutes. The West Michigan Aviation Academy is a game-changer for many teenagers who adore planes.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is Betsy and Dick’s “baby.” Betsy and Dick clearly make an effective pair. They’ve been doing things together for many years. They’ve brought up children together. They’ve made major donations to political sectors as a duo. They’ve handled political events as a twosome as well. It doesn’t seem like they’re going to stop working as a unit. Betsy covets the idea of a country that lets children grasp their educational requirements. She covets the idea of a world that promotes better educational ease.


Follow Betsy DeVos on Facebook for updates.

Dr. Saad Saad Explains Some Of His Life-Saving Medical Inventions

There is no question that doctor Saad Saad is a pioneer in many different life-saving medical inventions. He is constantly attempting to challenge the status quo, always looking at new ways to improve existing procedures and methods. A certain time ago, he realized he needed to develop some things that would go above and beyond just his ordinary medical practice. As a pediatrician, his goal was to develop some life-saving equipment so that is exactly what he did.


A New Catheter


Dr. Saad Saad’s first invention was the development of a new type of catheter. Originally, in order for catheters to be effective doctors, would have to know where they were located. For a permanent, surgically-implanted catheter, the only way to determine the location of the catheter on an ongoing basis would be to run x-rays a great deal of the time. Unfortunately for catheter patients, this meant exposing them to repeated bouts of radiation and increasing their chances of getting some sort of cancer. However, Dr. Saad Saad’s new catheter utilizes electromagnetic location information to help doctors locate the catheter without x-rays or bulky MRI machines. Learn more:


A New Endoscope


Dr. Saad also made an invention that improved the use of endoscopes. These instruments are often utilized by a doctor to look into the throat, windpipe, bladder, colon, or even the stomach during surgery. In a word, they are incredibly useful in helping a surgeon to get a visual picture of what is going on. However, here are liquids inside these organs that can fog up endoscopes and make it next to impossible for doctors to be able to see the current condition of the interior of the organ. Dr. Saad’s Improved endoscope machine addresses this very problem. Dr. Saad has developed a new endoscope that has a suction function, removing all of the liquids on the interior of the organ and helping doctors to still be able to see the current interior condition.


Dr. Saad Saad – Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention


When you ask Dr. Saad Saad why he has such a passion for inventing new medical equipment, he will simply tell you, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” In his pediatric practice at Eatontown, NJ, Dr. Saad has always been dedicated to going the extra mile to save the lives of his patients. Dr. Saad realizes that he can only win when he makes the job of his fellow doctors easier and also increases the chances of his patients living longer, healthier, and more productive lives.

Bitterness among Many as Donald Trump Pardons Sheriff Joe Arpaio

The fight against corruption, inequality, and injustices, is addressed on a daily basis. However, many people are reluctant to do the right thing. Only a few know the pain of the minority and what they go through under the pressure of inequality and profiling. Many organizations have been formed in the past to advocate for justice and equality, but their efforts seem to be fruitless with the political pressure across the globe. Learn more about Jim Lacey and Michael Lacey: and

Joe Arpaio is among the individuals who are constantly breaking the law without any consequences. As the sheriff of Maricopa County, many people suffered his mistreatment. The memories of his reign are full of sad stories and pain.

Joe Arpaio is a racist and believes that the Latinos are the cause of every misfortune that befalls the state. He was ordered to stop discriminating the Latino drivers, but he ignored the federal court and even influenced his subjects to do the same. He never denied his evil deeds when he was summoned to court to address the issue. Despite Arpaio defending himself saying that the order lacked some clarification; investigation proofed he did it intentionally.

This was the best news that his non-supporters had received after him losing his seat. However, they will never live to see Joe Arpaio go behind bars because Donald Trump has pardoned him. The latter said that Arpaio was doing his job. He added that the service that Arpaio had offered to the state could not be repaid by sentencing him.

Many human and civil groups have expressed their disappointment on Trump’s decision. On the other side, Arpaio is very grateful and has even announced to run for the senatorial seat.

Lacey and Larkin have promised to fight until the sheriff gets the punishment he deserves. It is especially hard for them to forget his misdoings, having been victims of his mistreatment. The duo was arrested from their homes at midnight after publishing his evil deeds as the headlines of Phoenix New Times.

There are many things that his opponents remember. A good example is the Tent City that Joe Arpaio opened to cover the overflow of the correctional facilities. He made the inmates wear pin underwears and work in chain gains. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Twitter

The convicts who disobeyed the orders were brutally punished. Pregnant women were shackled in beds when giving birth. They were also cases of suicidal cases and deaths in the facility. The climax of the deeds was when a diabetic woman went to a comma after she was denied her medication. Another careless death was an Army veteran who died during the prisoner’s riots.

Joe Arpaio was also among the supporters of the Presidency of Donald Trump. He used his power to discriminate against Barack Obama. He fuelled Trump’s allegations of Barack Obama not being born in the USA. Joe accused Obama of having faked his certificate.

Lacey and Larkin are ready to start the battle they fought long ago if that is what it takes to have justice serviced to all. They won the battle against the sheriff last time; there is no reason they can’t this time.

Words of Wisdom from Hussain Sajwani

There is a lot of good news and information exchanged during a conversation held by Hussain Sajwani and Hadley Gamble. The occasion for this meeting of the minds is the World Economic Forum in regards to the year 2018. Gamble represents CNBC during the interview, and he manages to gleam some very interesting matters of fact from DAMAC’s Founder and Chairman, Sajwani.


Perhaps, the current events surrounding the conversation have something to do with its quality and value. Subjects range from Hussain Sajwani having deals with the businessman Donald Trump to the many ways politics can affect brand recognition. As the leader of DAMAC, Hussain expresses perfect diplomacy on the subject, and he states that all is well when it comes to the properties constructed from the affiliation.


Truth be told, he regards the golf course erected by Trump’s organization to be one of the best in the world. It is only one of the best on planet Earth because he expects a second one to be build to the same standards in the foreseeable future. These golf courses, as business ventures, are indicative of things to come for Hussain Sajwani.


Long story short, his projected sales are up in the years to come. In fact, things are looking so up that he does not mind entertaining the thought of selling just a small piece of his company’s stake for the sake of creating a stream of cash flow. Of course, that particular idea depends on market trends and global economic growth.


He sees stable and steady growth in the Dubai market, with rising percentages that other nations can only dream about. With such growth, Sajwani looks to the United Kingdom as well as the United States for fields to sew new seeds of investment. As he is a billionaire and entrepreneur, there are literally countless potential investment opportunities from which he can turn a profit.

Hussain Sajwani, owner and CEO of DAMAC plans to expand AYKON City

Hussain Sajwani, the owner and CEO of DAMAC is ready to expand the company’s luxury development, AYKON City. Located in Dubai, AYKON City will eventually be home to AYKON Plaza, an entertainment and lifestyle hub that will include swimming pools, restaurants, spas and clubs. Sajwani plans to add a second tower to the City complex. The new building will include three basements, a ground floor, three podium levels, an additional level dedicated to lifestyle and entertainment, 49 residential levels and a rooftop. The tower project has recently moved in to the tendering stage and it likely to see a construction partner appointed by May of 2018.


The owner and CEO of DAMAC, Hussain Sajwani is no stranger to ambitious products. Before founding DAMAC in 2002, Sajwani founded a catering business which had contracts with the United States military. It is Hussian Sajwani’s expertise in the field of property management which has led to the monstrous success of DAMAC. In 2017, Forbes ranked DAMAC as number one on its Global 2000 list. In 2017, Golf Business listed Sajwani among the 100 most globally influential Arabs. In addition to their AKYON City project, DAMAC has developed many other high profile properties included a golf course designed by Tiger Woods and managed by the Trump Organization. In addition to his business obligations, Sajwani also sits on several boards including the Majan University College in Muscat Oman, JUNO Online in New York and Emirates Takaful Company in Abu Dhabi.


Hussain Sajwani came from humble beginnings, his father owned a shop which sold pens, shirts and other items imported from China. Sajwani was given a government scholarship to college and was one of the first students from the United Arab Emirates to be sent to the United States to study. Before he was the CEO and founder of DAMAC, Sajwani attended The University of Washington where he studied Industrial Engineering and Economics. Sajwani currently resides in Dubai with his wife and four children.

Why Ripple Owners Can’t Afford to Not Read This AvaTrade Review

Which is your favorite cryptocurrency? Did you know that you can trade Bitcoin and Ripple on AvaTrade? Learn why Ripple owners can’t afford to not read this AvaTrade review.


Ripple Effect

Dublin-based AvaTrade started up in 2006. It is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. This has given people confidence that AvaTrade is legit.


This Forex broker has used the popular Meta Trader 4 (MT4) trading platform. This is the industry standard. It offers simple functionality and a number of plug ins for added features, like signals.


You only need 250 units of dollars, pounds or euros to starting trading at AvaTrade. The Forex broker started with fiat currencies, commodities, stocks and indices, but added cryptocurrencies before others did. Why?


AvaTrade is not in the business to determine how assets will perform. It is in the business of providing the most popular assets for trading. This include Bitcoin, Ripple, Neo and Ethereum. Ripple traders have key advantages at AvaTrade.



Money in Any Language

Another day, another crypto exchange hacked. Is the security poor at these digital exchanges? Not necessarily.


Imagine Fort Knox with all of its gold bars. It is guarded by an entire army. Does any crypto exchange have an entire army guarding it? No.


Do you hear of AvaTrade being hacked? No. Because there is no point to hack AvaTrade. There is no real digital coin on the website, you are trading Contracts for Difference (CFDs), not the real thing at AvaTrade. So, you don’t need to worry about losing all of your Ripple tokens at AvaTrade.



Innovation Awards

Ripple is making quite a ripple in Asia. The AvaTrade broker has continued to expand operations to China and Mongolia. Its Irish roots allow it to be more flexible.


If you don’t want to worry about hacks, you might want to trade your Ripple on AvaTrade. FX Empire has given AvaTrade annual awards from 2013 to 2016. The sky is the limit.