Robert Ivy – An American Architectural Guru

It is often said that along with the knowledge and the skills one must also have the kind heart and nature to climb up the ladder of success and Robert Ivy was one of them. He was soft spoken, wise and warm.
1965-1969-Completed his BA from The University of the South.
1973-1976-Completed his M.Arch, Architecture from Tulane University
He believed that any target can be achieved if we start to work as a team and cross Pollinate the Ideas with each other. According to him Architecture can provide the helpful hand in numerous fields like from disaster management to the public health. Robert played an important role in the public’s health by improving the drainage system in the united states to providing the Olmsted design of the central park in the New York.

Throughout his life his only focus was to improve the Living of mankind through architecture. According to him Architecture is directly related to the fluctuation in rate of the Noncommunicable disease such as heart disease and diabetes as buildings should be made which can promote the exercise and instead of escalators, stairs must be constructed where ever possible.

He is thinking to take his knowledge to the next level by collaborating with the software engineers, designers and architects to come up with the new measurable idea with low cost for the benefits of the society as thinks that nothing can happen in the isolation.
Work Experience:
He worked as Editor in chief in Architectural Record from October 1996- February 2011. He became Vice president and the Editorial Director from October 1996- February 2011. From February 2011 unto present, he is the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer at American Institute of Architects.

Awards and Achievement’s:
In 2009 Robert Ivy received the Crain Award which is American Business Media’s highest recognition for an individual. In 1998 Ivy also received The McGraw-Hill Award for Management Excellence. Robert was also named as the Master Architect in 2010 because of his effectiveness in communicating the design’s value. He is also among the seven members to share his designation with the iconic architect who was the first graduate of American school of Architect. For his effectiveness in communicating the value of the design he was also honored by the national architecture fraternity Alpha Rho Chi.
From the initiative taken by him at regular intervals proves that, Robert Ivy is the only person who was suitable to become the CEO of the American Institute of Architects and he deserves to be there.

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A Perfect Marriage of Communication and Payment Systems: Securus Technologies and GovPayNet

Securus Technologies is a well-known prison communication company based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Securus provides prisoners with secure connections with family and friends. Law enforcement agencies and corrections facilities rely on Securus to provide easy to use communications.


With more than 30 years experience in law enforcement and correctional facility communication, Securus technologies provide a wide variety of communication programs. Securus’ commitment to its audience shows in their willingness to provide secure communication for inmates, correction officers, and the public. Many of the newer communications platforms can be customized to suit individual needs.


The recent Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation Securus received has proven their competence to get the job done. It also proves that they can be trusted to provide the best communication systems available.


GovPayNet is a credit and debt payment processor for the government. Their website touts that they provide “the simple way to pay.” Users of the GovPayNet system can use any major credit or debit card to make payments. They can also deposit funds into their account. Securus Technologies has some payment systems already set up for prisoners. The recent acquisition of GovPayNet as a means of making payments provides customers with the means to pay court fines, cash bail and pay for traffic violations.


The combination of JPay’s educational and entertainment modules with GovPayNet’s system nearly completes Securus Technologies acquisitions. Prisoners, correction officers, and the public now have a fairly seamless way to communicate, conduct transactions and be entertained in a secure environment.


This is the perfect marriage because having a secure system to communicate and send money provides peace of mind. For many inmates, it is important that they do have the means to connect with family and friends. It is equally important for the correction officers to maintain safety for everyone.


Louis Chenevert’s Many Awards and Accomplishments

Former Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation Louis Chenevert believes in leaving a company in better shape than when you get there. He surely fit the bill when it came to UTC and the current CEO Gregory Hayes is planning to fulfill that role himself.

If you want to be a good leader of a company you need to not only think about the short term goals on that business, but focus on building for the future so it can last a long time. Louis Chenevert’s vision was crystal clear when it came to combining the Pratt & Whitney division with United Technologies Corporation. This was a good move on his part and played a major role of their continued success. With a chunk of change and time, they created a clearly superior brand of jet engine that consumed less fuel, less emissions, and was used by over 14 airlines. Mr. Chenevert knew that by investing in this incredibly advanced technology it would pay off. UTC also invested in creating more manufacturing plants (under Louis leadership) to Georgia, Florida, New York, Connecticut, Maine, and Michigan. With an arsenal of locations to build these engines and other parts they can keep up with demand and future demand. He did not spare the jobs of any employees keeping it all in the United States, it home location. Even so he created 1,000 new jobs and hired over 25,000 new employees.

The smart businessman was born and raised in Quebec, Canada. He attended HEC Montreal as a college student. He received a BA in Production Management. Before his time at United Technologies Corporation Louis Chenevert was an employee at General Motors previous to UTC. Flash forward after stepping down at head boss at UTC, Mr. Chenevert moved on to become Exclusive Advisor at Goldman Sachs. The businessman has won a number of awards that would make anyone proud. HEC Montreal, his college awarded him with an honorary doctorate in 2011. Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine called the former CEO “Person of the Year.” On top of that the National Building Museum gave Louis their prestigious Honor Award.

Rediscover Youth with Jeunesse Global

For almost a decade, Jeunesse has proven itself a world leader in the science of anti-aging technology. Originally fired up by an energetic duo of successful entrepreneurs, the company has developed a following for its tried and true Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.), which is designed on nine points of approach to your biology in order to slow and reverse aging that results from harmful free radicals, oxidation and common deficiencies of today’s people.

By focusing on what the body needs to repair itself, Jeunesse has a successful system in place that doesn’t advertise itself as a solution for any illness but rather a mediator between you and your well-being in the days ahead. This, in a way, is a promised solution to any ills that you may have as a result of emotional stress and other sources of breakdown that accumulate over the years. By securing the requirements of the most powerful technology in the world — that is, the human body — it isn’t necessary to contemplate the longevity-boosting power of artificial technology.

The System and How it Works

The nine subcategories of product lines in Y.E.S. are all aimed at a unique area of the body with the intent to slow or reverse damage and breakdown that results from key contributors to the aging process. What Jeunesse acknowledges is that the body already has the technology to repair itself; it just needs an all-natural source to draw from in order to fulfill its healing and toxin removal facilities. As such, Y.E.S. delivers proprietary blends that have no artificial additives and are designed for everyone regardless of age or sex.

The products range from fat-burning and muscle-building powders to mind-boosting proteins, energy drink alternatives, natural mood enhancers and sleep aids. There’s also a bevy of cosmetic supplies that work short- and long-term magic on wrinkles, lines and blemishes of the mild sort. While you’re recommended to roll with the whole kit, you always have the option of purchasing a specific product line to suit your needs. Whatever your preference may be, remember that it’s natural, scientifically backed and proven to work.

Brown Modelling Agency Levels The Playing Field By Recruiting Healthy Plus Size Models

Models have to be pretty, thin and tall, or so the past generations were always told. This notion is changing, as evolution is the only way forward for humanity, and sticking to old ideas and perceptions often lead industries to get stuck in a runt. The ideology of showing both real men and women who are confident of themselves and proud to live in their skin gave birth to the rise of plus-size models. Many reputable modeling firms such as the Brown Modelling Agency, are all embracing the concept of signing with plus size models that are healthy and true examples of real women.



While the concept of plus-size fashion figures, doesn’t appeal to a few, as people often associate the word plus size to obesity, this is not necessarily true. In reality, plus size models can be a source of inspiration to teenagers and others who believe that one needs to be thin to be pretty, in fact, plus-size fashion figures can be of a healthy size as well. For instance, Brown Modelling Agency hires models between the dress sizes of 10 to 16 which is considered both a healthy and beautiful size. For women who would like to join this category for runway models, they need to be a minimum of 5 feet and 8 inches; however, women who are a bit shorter or prefer other platforms can opt to apply for commercial print and real life tv shoots.



Emerging as a new leader in the fashion industry, they have also taken things a step further by understanding as well as appreciating the fact that people are different and so are models. This firm believes that exceptions can be made for talent that might not meet runway norms but can pose well, brighten the set with a beautiful smile and charm clients with their stage allure.



For most commercial and runway shoots, Brown Agency accepts new models and hires existing talent within the set norm of the fashion industry of thin and pretty. Both male and female models with varied hair colors, appearances and heights are accepted for runway projects, commercial print jobs as well as TV and commercial roles.



According to Market Wired, located in Austin, Texas, Brown Modelling Agency, has recently acquired Heyman Talent-South and together as a joint force, this modeling firm has become the only full-service agency for various types of modeling shoots. Past clients of Brown Modelling Agency, who have completed projects with the help of Wilhelmina Austin and her core team, have been amazed at the meticulous process followed for sourcing models, hiring, cross-checking requirements and finally executing the shoot until completion of the project.



Led by Wilhelmina Austin, and founded in 2010, as one of the most respected and sought-after agencies to offer clients a significant choice of various portfolios of both experienced and upcoming talent. With the power of added human resources, Brown Modelling Agency can be considered as a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry hereafter.


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A Problem in America: When Civil Rights Are Not Respected

As of now, there are many cases of legal abuse that directly assault what we call the rights of every American citizen, according to the legislation and to the set of rules that we have: Most importantly, the civil rights and the human rights.

These rights are common to every person that lives in America or even tourists that are passing through our nation. However, when times change, many people, especially law enforcers, lawyers and those who directly tackle the laws, think they are above the laws that are common to us. This is one of the biggest problems that America is facing. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

There are a couple of organizations and institutions that were created to advocate for civil and human rights and support those who are in need of legal assistance. This is the case of the Frontera Fund, created by two journalists who were illegally arrested by Joe Arpaio, a Sheriff.

The story goes by this: The two journalists were investigating the past of Joe Arpaio, as it was asked of them. He was told to be involved in corruption and schemes, and, as it is the job of investigators and journalists, they dug deep into witnesses and records. When the Sheriff Joe Arpaio discovered, however, they got in trouble.

In the middle of the night, when the two journalists were sleeping at their homes, the forces of Maricopa County breached and arrested them at that very night, without any right to do so. The two journalists did nothing wrong; they were just doing their jobs. However, they did spend 24 hours in jail because of the Sheriff’s decision.

As you might remember if you were around during the creation of the Frontera Fund, there was a national outcry when that event took place, and the Sheriff suffered severe punishments and a downfall in popularity and in the number of fans that adored Arpaio.

The two journalists, however, were generously compensated for their 24 hours in jail, as they walked away with more than three million dollars in settlement money for their trouble.

Nowadays, that settlement money is being used to advocate for the very rights that were challenged on the night the two were imprisoned. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin created the Frontera Fund, or, like others call, “Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund,” an institution with no profitable gains that fund other groups that advocate for freedom of expression and for the rights that once were deeply violated.

Matt Badiali Narrates The Future Of Heating Bills

Across the world, the prices of oil and natural gas have been on a steading increase due to very many factors one being the diminishing of these natural resources. As a result, people have had to part with much more than before to pay for the cost of their heating bills.

Natural gas for a long time has been used to generate the electricity that is used to heat homes and as it prices go up so too does the electricity bill. In 2018 this cost is expected to even higher as many areas across the United States continue to experience record-breaking freezing conditions this winter. For more updates, Like the page on Facebook

Acting in as the perfect alternative source of generating electricity natural gas made its way to replace the use of coal to generate electricity. Initially, the cost of using natural gas to generate electricity in homes was high. This was because it distribution was challenging as there were not enough pipelines to connect homes.

In the 90’s things took a different turn as homes got connected to the main pipelines that had been laid across the country. Little by little the use of natural gas edged out the use of coal to generate electricity. The coast of natural gas then plummeted to $ 1.65 per thousand cubic feet or MCF in 2016 from $ 14 MCF in the year 2008. In percentage, this was a very significant drop of 88 percent in only eight years. Learn more at Seeking Alpha about  Matt Badiali

The price of natural gas remained cheap since the gas produced is stored up during summer and is only used to generate electricity used for heating during winter. Regardless of this, the price is slowly rose after 2008 and was at its peak in 2014 despite being low in 2010. It’s the same trend that has been occurring, and the price would increase in 2018 following the same pattern of 2014.

Matt Badiali has spent more than twenty years studying natural resources across the world. His knowledge and expertise get sought after in many industries including energy, mining, and agriculture.

Through his work, he has had the opportunity to travel to many places across the globe and just to mention, but a few of the places he has visited are Hong Kong, Iraq, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Turkey.

All his visits have seen him talk with many CEO who control many of the industries associated with mining, agriculture, and energy gaining himself first-hand news of how they work. This approach has enabled make sound judgment before investing.

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Ted Bauman Explains the Inflation Outcomes Expected and Steps to handle it

Ted Bauman, the renowned editor of Banyan Hill Publishing, recently explained the inflation outcomes expected in the near future. Though Bauman voices for value-based investments than price-based ones, in the short term, even prices can help people to earn greater profits from the market. For instance, the price of bitcoin is surging over $11,000, but the value does not seem to be equaling it. Similarly, the U.S. corporations have reported second-highest Shiller PE ratio, contrary to its value. This is where consumer price inflation is coming to the center stage of the investments and other savings options available in the market. Follow Ted Bauman at

Bauman says that while many people are complaining about the consumer price inflation, to ensure a healthy economy by balancing the economic growth and liquidity, there is a need for inflation. While many believe that central banks can simply print and create money, he asserts that they create cash reserves for the banking systems of the country. This helps the commercial banks to create money by generating loans against such reserves. If there are no such loans, like no consumption or investment, it is not producing any real money to the economy of the country, and the market does not feel the pressure of inflation.

Ted Bauman observes that the upcoming tax cuts are expected increase inflation without creating any investment. Considering the wage increase demand by the workers of the U.S. corporations, it is expected to add wage inflation and thus price inflation at the end. Bauman also sees the possibility of the Fed frequently raising the interest rates compared to prior-tax cut period. Due to political pressure, these increases could be minimal, and fixed-income investment options provide poor returns compared to rising living expenses. When the CFPB is scrapped, it is expected to create a condition of reckless lending, and that would add more money to the economy – ultimately leading to shooting up of inflation. Learn more at Crunchbase about Ted Bauman

Bauman started partnering with Banyan Hill since 2013 by assuming the role of the editor of its investment newsletters named Alpha Stock Alert, The Bauman Letter, and Plan B Club. Bauman is credited with low-risk investment strategies, privacy, asset preservation, and international migration issues. Ted completed his graduation from the renowned University of Cape Town. He also completed his post-graduation in History as well as Economics. Ted Bauman has approximately 25 years of career span that covers financial institutions, the non-profit sector, urban planning, research and writing, and more.



Obsidian Energy Moves Ahead

Obsidian Energy is a company that is in the oil and gas industry. They are based in Calgary, Alberta. Alberta is in western Canada. They have oil wells that have been drilled throughout the western part of Canada. The company is one of the top 60 listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange, which makes them something to notice.


The company was formerly Penn West Petroleum Ltd. Since it became Obsidian Energy, they are determined to make it even more productive and positive than ever before. They have a nice selection of assets, and they intend to add to them.


At Obsidian Energy, there are a number of employees that are dedicated and proud to work there. With their determination, they intend to create a company that can deliver what the customers want. It will make all the difference for them. Since they are willing and able to go to great lengths to acquire the customers, they will definitely see the rewards from their efforts. They have all the experience and expertise that is necessary to complete jobs that are intense in nature. This will give them the ability to get Obsidian in the shape that they want it to be in.


The future for Obsidian Energy looks great. They will receive more and more customers because of their determination to become more prominent in the oil and gas field. Since they are dedicated and committed to do this, they will succeed in getting just what they want. As they proceed forward, their goals shall be met, and they will be noticed more for what they have to offer. They are a company that believes in what they do. What they can offer people is of value, and they are capable and willing to do the job that is necessary to keep their customers happy. Read This Article for additional information.



Matthew Autterson Transitions From Finance to Life Science

Transitions From Finance to Life Science


Matthew Autterson has recently made the headlines for transitioning from being in the finance space to life sciences. He holds a BA degree from Michigan State University, in Finance from which he graduated in 1980. This is in addition to coursework in the Graduate Tax Program at the University of Denver. He has been part of two trust companies, and has been the President of one which was acquired and eventually became part of the SunAmerica, Inc company for $18 Billion. He has a total of 25 years in the financial industry, being President of one of the largest financial institutions in his state, Resources Trust Company. These experiences have given him broad exposure to the financial industry which have led to his success.


Current President and CEO of CNS Bioscience


His current role is as the President and CEO of CNS Bioscience. The company is working on pain treatment and neuropathic pain drugs. The aim for CNS Bioscience is to be focused on creating highly effective treatments that are able to attack the neurological causes of pain. His partner in this venture is Dr. Scott Falci, and the company was founded in 2013.


Active Community Member and Director of Denver Zoo


Matthew Autterson is very active in the community. He is the director of the Denver Zoo and is the chairman of the board of the Denver Hospice. These community engagements represent Matthew Autterson’s commitment to making the community him a better place.


Board Member of Falsi Adaptive Biosystems Aimed To Provide Mobility


Mr. Autterson is also a board member of Falsi Adaptive Biosystems. This is a nonprofit organization which is aiming to provide mobility to disabled individuals. This nonprofit organization enables these disabled people to better navigate the environment that surrounds them. The company is also known for their approach, which is innovative in that it is based on developing new technologies. Click Here for more information.


Well Rounded Business Professional


Matthew Autterson is a well-rounded business professional with experience in a broad variety of areas. He is highly capable as a direct result of his experience in the financial industry.


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